[Carla Cassidy] Epub Cold Case Hot Accomplice Men of Wolf Creek #1 download

  • Paperback
  • 288
  • Cold Case Hot Accomplice Men of Wolf Creek #1
  • Carla Cassidy
  • English
  • 20 May 2018
  • 9780373278497

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Cold Case Hot Accomplice Men of Wolf Creek #1 review à 3 Arable loss As they search for clues he discovers what lies beneath Roxy's prickly exterior and sharp tongue His desire grows and so does his fear Because it's not just Aunt Liz the killer wants; but Roxy too BE WARNED ITS A CLIFFHANGERRoxy s life had never been easy until she went to live with Aunt Liz Now Aunt Liz is missing and someone is trying to kill Roxy Are the two things related Roxy has no choice but to rely on Detective Flirt aka Detective Steve Kincaid the shaggy haired detective who comes in for breakfast and to shamefully flirt with Roxy to find Aunt Liz and find who is trying to kill her Steve has his own demons he s dealing with but work always comes first Roxy inserts herself into the investigation and both she and Steve find something neither of them are looking forLOVE

review Cold Case Hot Accomplice Men of Wolf Creek #1

Cold Case Hot Accomplice Men of Wolf Creek #1

Cold Case Hot Accomplice Men of Wolf Creek #1 review à 3 Rn to shameless playboy cop Steve Kincaid Every time the sexy detective turns on the charm he gets Roxy's hackles upDespite his reputation Steve is no ladies' man His casual flirting hides the pain of an unbe ARC provided by Harleuin via netgalley The Good Detective Steve Kincaid yum orama I have to say he was my favorite part about the book even with his depressing backstory Aunt Liz s myster even if this wasn t solved I really got interested in this part of the story The Bad Roxy s personalilty I didn t get what her hangups about relatioships was about and she was just too standoffish for me Predictability I figured out how the book was going to end pretty uickly The pace the pace was a bit slow for such a short read It was an OK read for me I will continue the series though cause I have to know who has Liz

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Cold Case Hot Accomplice Men of Wolf Creek #1 review à 3 BESTSELLING AUTHOR CARLA CASSIDY BRINGS IN THE MEN OF WOLF CREEK TO SEEK A MISSING WOMANRoxy Marcoli cares about three things her restaurant her sisters and her aunt Liz When Liz disappears she's forced to tu There s certain givens when it come to certain genres of romances When it comes to romantic suspense I kinda assume suspense and romance would splice together to form a story Cold Case Hot Accomplice stars off like this but loses me in the end Raised by her aunt Liz Roxy Marcoli and her sisters live and work in the small town of Wolf Creek Her everyday in running her restaurant makes Roxy content in her life Until her aunt suddenly disappears and the detective on the case is a man with a long playboy rep she would like to stay far away from Unearth his playboy persona Steve Kincaid is a man who has lost greatly understands Roxy panic and pain in finding her aunt Working together to solve the case is going to put Roxy and Steve in close danger with a killer and an undeniable attraction Roxy and Steve carry some heavy scars Roxy from her childhood and Steve from his own lost of a missing person The story starts off wonderfully Roxy is not a man hater but Steve just rubs her the wrong way with his flirting this brings out her sharp tongue in defense There of course is a great attraction that neither really don t want to invest in with so many things still left unresolved With Liz missing Roxy being the oldest takes the reigns in hopes that she could take the load off her two sisters in the worry dept The case and the glimpses we see of Liz makes us wonder who is truly behind the kidnapping I liked how the plot was going and how it parallel to Steve s own past Then suddenly someone wants Roxy killed and is throwing knifes at her head blinks This is where I felt there were to many stories going on to fit into the book I would have felt the story would have stayed stronger if it focus on Liz missing and maybe the healing of Steve s heart and his own close case The romance was nice and alot of healing went on between Rozy and Steve but was hinder with to many things going on to make this story memorable and while it does leave a cliffhanger and loose ties as it will span three books I just couldn t get into the story when another unneeded plot device IMO was added