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ساق البامبو Sa al Bambu Free download ✓ 9 Saud Alsanousi Ú 9 Free read لماذا كان جلوسي تحت الشجرة يزعج أمي؟ أتراها كانت تخشى أن تنبت لي جذور تضرب في عمق الأرض ما يجعل عودتي إلى بلاد أبي أمراً مستحيلاً؟ربما، ولكن، حتى ا?. I m literally in tears right now i can t really explain the emotions tht i can t understand myself this book is really amazing and it s marking me cry

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ساق البامبو Sa al Bambu

ساق البامبو Sa al Bambu Free download ✓ 9 Saud Alsanousi Ú 9 Free read ?جذور لا تعني شيئاً أحياناً لو كنت مثل شجرة البامبو لا انتماء لها نقتطع جزءاً من ساقها نغرسه، بلا جذور، في أي أرض لا يلبث الساق طويلاً حتى تنبت له جذ. An excellent insight into life in Kuwait and The PhilippinesI ve just finished this and I was pretty impressed by the way the author managed to show the full extent of Jose s position as a PhilippinoKuwaiti both in the Philippines and in Kuwait I was also surprised to find that this is in fact a translation from Arabic so full marks to Jonathan Wright the translator Jose s mother Josephine was a Philippina maid in the Al Tarouf household in Kuwait when she fell in love with Rashid the wayward only son Rashid loved his baby son but his mother was horrified and turned him out of the house Not surprisingly Josephine lost her job and she and her son were deported back home There is no news from Rashid for many years and Josephine s searches come back cold But although Jose is raised in the Philippines he always carries his father s promise that he will eventually return to be a son of KuwaitThe book description reveals that he does manage to return to Kuwait as a young man so I m not giving away any spoilers there What he finds though is probably the book s strongest part it shows how the people are not primarily Kuwaiti nor from a particular sect or class their strongest allegiance is to the family name and it is pride in this that rules all their actions Nothing must bring shame on the family and a half Philippino son is not something to be proud ofI can see why The Bamboo Stalk was winner of the 2013 International Prize for Arab Fiction chosen both for its literary ualities and for its social and humanitarian content It is an excellent insight into the issues behind the phenomenon of expat workers into wealthy GCC countriesDefinitely recommended

Saud Alsanousi Ú 9 Free read

ساق البامبو Sa al Bambu Free download ✓ 9 Saud Alsanousi Ú 9 Free read ور جديدة تنمو من جديد في أرض جديدة بلا ماض بلا ذاكرة لا يلتفت إلى اختلاف الناس حول تسميته كاوايان في الفلبين خيزران في الكويت أو بامبو في أماكن أخرى. The first half of the book meanders along telling the back story of Jos Mendoza born to a Filipino mother who worked as a maid in the house of his Kuwaiti father Thrown out by the family Jose bides his time in Manilla waiting for the opportunity to return to Kuwait be reunited with his father s family and live in the land of plenty The inevitable occurs and Jose now Isa Al Tarouf returns to a frosty welcome as the bastard child of a now dead father The book then focuses on the Kuwaiti s class system and of the fear of having their family tainted by scandal It also explores the problem of IsaJose not being able to fit in within either of his world s due to his appearance Isa is so enamoured by Kuwait it becomes tedious But as this is a rare book in English about life in modern Kuwait this book is worth reading

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