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characters ☆ The Trickster's Totem 107 Life has returned to normal for fourteen year old Evan and his older sister Claire That is until Dunkle a clever but stinky little imp pays an unexpected visit to their school He has come to take the siblings back to Sagaas the mythical realm of the gods Once again a Relic from the ancient Mysticus Orb has fallen into the wrong hands Only Evan and Claire with their uniue mystical abiliti. Though this novel could probably be read without having read THE SERPENT S RING it would still be better if you read it first to find out how Evan and Claire meet Dunkle the imp learn about The Serpent s Ring come into their powers and learn about the fantasy world of Sagaas Sagaas is like the gateway to all the mythical realms think of every mythology you can and the pathway to it is there Which makes this series really interesting because each book tackles a different mythology This book THE TRICKSTER S TOTEM invovles Native American mythology I think it s a fabulous way to incorporate so many different worlds and I wonder if they will ever all collide or overlap I d love to see that and was actually expecting that in this one when the mermaid that almost drowns Evan says mermaids can travel through different worlds Evan s in love with a mermaid from the first novelEvan is this novel is a bit whiny impetuous but I think all in all he gets a bad rap Every time he goes off on his own or does something against what his big sister told him to do it s been for the greater good I have to say when you re in a fantasy world and you re animal totem is a no spoilers and you can fly and have telekenisis and some new abilities all bets are off as to who s orders you have to follow I think Big Sister does not trump Little Brother in this situation And then to humiliate him and she uses those exact words by making a daisy chain anklet for him to wear so he doesn t go off on his own it s just a real injustice Then there are his prophetic dreams If he didn t wander off he wouldn t know what they need to know to complete their uest Claire Claire is so boy crazy in this one I didn t like her She was deferring to Chayton always which wasn t really like her character from last time And then she really hated the mermaid Amadahy without any reason that I could see I thought she treated Evan like crap and didn t add a lot of insight or intelligence to the story And she was hard on her brother instead of trying to understand him Her animal totem was very easy to deal with whereas her brother s was something very dangerous utterly uniue and terrifying and very powerful The World I love this world as much as I loved the one in the Serpent s Ring Most of it is woodsy They enter the world through a tepee Totems play a large part in this world Most everything takes place in the woods except for the odd exception of a Victorian Steampunk underground village created by a colony of Big Foot like animalspeople called C iato Pixie like fairies called Pains treat them to a tea party where they drink tea and flower petals that taste like sugar It s incredibly creative even the creature they are trying to catch Mica can be found on a map that Chayton draws in the air and it shows his location with colored lights and smokeThe Story It s a uest Just as Evan is bored out of his mind with every day life back home Dunkle appears in his English class with a reuest for his help An urgent reuest And so the adventure beginsThere are ups and downs Evan experiencing most of the lows or being blamed for them But what is a uest if all goes smoothly Evan learns a lot about himself listening to others and the importance of teamwork I m not sure that Claire learns much She just didn t grow as a character in this story It was definitely Evan s story this time But wow it was very imaginative with lots of creative imagery and plot twists and turns An adult reader might find it easy to pick out some of the plot twists but I think a tweener or middle grade reader would be pleasantly surprised I really enjoyed this second installment from HB Bolton and can t wait for the next book in the series She has a uniue way of interpreting mythology and combining them and I enjoy that How many books do you read with Native Amercan mythology dragons mermaids and imps in the same story Not many I bet Very clean read great for middle grade and younger young adult readers

characters The Trickster's TotemThe Trickster's Totem

characters ☆ The Trickster's Totem 107 And be careful not to become sidetracked by robotic Steampunk animals “sweet” pixie like Pains and a problematic mermaid all while dodging Mothman like aces Most surprising Evan discovers the true reason dragons exist in the Native American Spirit World For Middle Grade readers and higher and fans of the Percy Jackson Series Harry Potter Series The Hobbit and The Chronicles of Narni. I had the opportunity to read all three books in the Relics of Mysticus series by HB Bolton This is a fun adventure series targeted towards middle school aged children but with an adventure and uest like the one they embark upon and the fantasy of what they are learning should appeal to all ages If you enjoyed the subtle learning and fun adventure of the kids in Fablehaven by Brandon Mull you will love this series It takes you from mythology to mythology with a pair of siblings who will make you smile as you witness their interactions and maturationTHE TRICKSTER S TOTEMAnd we re back to Claire Evan Just as things are calming down in their lives Dunkle makes an appearance at their school Dun dun dun This time the mythology is Native American as a coyote trickster has escaped The trickster Mica is hilarious but it took me a while to warm up to Claire Evan again Evan seems to have regressed in his maturity level and was a tad annoying with his I m better than everyone attitude and Claire is just too boy crazy While Claire easily accepts information coming her way instead of fightingarguing against it like many other female protagonists would do she also defers a lot to Chayton instead of taking charge These uest stories are fantastic as they take these two through another adventure where they learn and grow and mature to likable characters once I like that they have this unspoken responsibility for the Mysticus items to be guardians and to search for them when they go missing I enjoy the interactions between Claire Evan and find it to be realistic for siblings This was another wonderful book in the series and since I have book three on hand I am ready to jump into THE DRAGON S EGG

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characters ☆ The Trickster's Totem 107 Es can help find itThrough the power of the Trickster’s Totem a coyote trickster has escaped His laughter echoes throughout the realm as he spreads mischief and mayhem He burns an entire crop of popcorn carves his grinning image into sacred artifacts and things really get interesting when he shape shifts into Evan’s friendsClaire and Evan must capture the Trickster retrieve the Totem. Mom s ThoughtsI do believe HB Bolton is after my heart I love I mean LOVE anything that has Native American beliefs and folktales as the primary theme I have like this minute percentage of Cherokee blood in me but I have always been drawn to books towns movies etc that has a Native American theme or character in it So The Trickster s Totem really reached out and grabbed me in the first few beginning lines Evan is doing what he does best misbehaving He is using his power even after he was told not to use in on Terra Earth He doesn t seem very happy to see Dunkle show up for help in another relic being stolen I feel like Evan is going to take a lot books before he really grows as a character He is doing so slowly but I still see a lot of immaturity in him probably so in this book than in the first book I think it still amazes me that he gets such a powerful totem animal I still find it surprising how much Claire just goes with the flow In most young adultmiddle grade books the female protagonist is the one that usually fights the logic of all the magic being thrown at them But not Claire She just welcomes all the info that comes her way as well as any changes that affects her But we find that Evan fights this a lot He likes it being about him but he tends to not like following others in leadership It is fun to watch Evan deal with Chayton s leadership Amadahy s frustrating attitudewhich is similar to Evan s in my opinion and Kehl s guidance The action does seem a bit slower in this one but that didn t bother me at all I felt book 2 had of a soul searching feeling to it I enjoyed it a lot and I love to see all the different creatures we see throughout the book I also like how eating the food there affects different abilities to everyone I will definitely not eat the fairies or Pains food at all The reader can really see that HB Bolton loves writing and creating these amazing worlds that keep the reader guessing what will happen next The Trickster s Totem has some wonderfully exciting world building and I feel like we are going through a house with different mazes hidden rooms undground areas there is places hidden in the Relics of Mysticus that I can t wait to explore with my sons I give it five heartsSon s ThoughtsI liked The Trickster s Totem too I haven t learned much about the Native American mythology so reading this book was a little like doing school but I swear it was fun too There is adventure though I didn t feel like there was as much as there was in The Serpent s Ring Claire and Evan do gain powers and learn something about themselves too in this book I liked that Evan used his magic for good in the real world even if he wasn t supposed to He did some funny things with it to the bullies in school There are some interesting creatures in this world too I like how the author named the fairies Pains and it is really funny when Evan eats too much fairie food Let s just say he loves to play jokes on people Sometimes though he does go to far and I think Evan could learn to be serious at the right times We still see Dunkle in the story but no one else from the first book is in this one Claire finds someone else to giggle at Mom says I will understand this when I get olderbut I don t think I will ever like a girl giggling all the time and Evan is bothered by a mermaid who likes to meddle in everyone s business The Trickster s Totem is pretty good and it really teaches us about the Native American beliefs too I liked it even though it seemed like it moved a little slow for me at times Also some of the disasters Mica creates are kinda of funny but I can still see the bad in them too