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Woman of Iron Free download ß 104 E revolution that was making British industry the leader of the world Only one woman stood in his w. This title is spot on when Charlotte Lamb gives a girl a backbone it is Titanium Steel and idiotic male leads will be sorryAwesome book but the H in this is a nemtode slime slurper I don t care tho cause Hannah was amazing

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Woman of Iron Free download ß 104 Hannah Noble was only a kitchen maid in the ironmaster's house a member of the family but illegit. How much did I hurt you he asked Do you care You hurt me because you wanted to You enjoyed it Did you Hannah he asked watching her fixedly a bead of perspiration rolling down his temple I m a bastard by birth Joss Colby You re one from choice Her angry face blazed in a transient beauty and he watched it with an almost satisfied expression You ll call me sir in the future though Hannah You ll call me sir now He bent a smile on her his face sardonic You could beat me until your arm dropped offI d never call you sir Five Fucked Up Stars for a Dark romance with a capital D by one of my favorite writers Charlotte Lamb aka Sheila Holland An anti hero very much in the style of Marilyn Dennis Lord Eden from This Other Eden is pitted against a strong smart and truly iron spined heroine all set in England s Industrial Revolution era Iron Age probably in the early nineteenth centuryThis is not a sweet historical romance with witty banter and glasses of ratafia passed around on a silver tray The story starts with the obsessed hero setting up the defiant heroine for an agonizing public cane whipping and it goes from there There is debauchery death gloom and doom as well as enough hot blood lust to rival the molten iron gushing forth into the prepared beds of the iron mill whose control is the central motivation of the various characters of the storyI uneuivocally adored it

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Woman of Iron Free download ß 104 Imate Joss Colby was just the manager of the ironworks but ruthless and determined to be part of th. What can I say about this book but that I liked it and I didn t at the same time I love anti hero s but this guy cheated regardless of his reason and had a child with that same detestable woman He wasn t bothered about the child at all as he had so many other illegitimate children floating about that he didn t care about either His sleeping with his wife didn t bother me as much as him sleeping with Nancy ow before and after his marriage with h did as I felt it somehow diminished his obsession with h and it also made him look weak I liked the h though she was strong and stuck to her principles of not falling for his charms like all the ow did Saying that I don t know how she wasn t all that bothered about her husband having so many of his other children including the one with the ow always being in her face I do believe he loves h as much as he is able but he is also weak and greedy so in the future I wouldn t put it past him to be unfaithful as he seems to not be able to control his libido if he does without for too long I just didn t like him and apart from one or two incidents where he showed he did care for h he did nothing else to redeem himself apart from showing what a whore he was and not caring how many women he got pregnant This guy obviously didn t care for the withdrawal methodUpdate I have re read this uite a few times and it s one of the few books where I have changed my mind and the rating to 4 rather than 3Upon re read I don t believe he will cheat on h because that guy is seriously obsessed with h I do think the only reason he turned to ow was because he knew h wouldn t give in to him Did I like the fact he cheated NO At the same time I had to bear in mind this guy was selfish and very self centred who had never loved anyone or felt loved even by his family I think the realisation that he actually loved h and that was why he was so obsessed with her will stop him from cheating He also realises his wife is a strong woman and no way will she put up with his infidelity so I don t believe he will risk her when he has everything he always wanted which included the h This story for some reason always makes me come back to do a re read so I think it s def 4 mainly because the h is such a strong and likeable woman

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