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A to Z with C S Lewis Free read Ñ 8 Iterature and re expand its vision of God man and the universe In each 600 word entry Markos enlist Lewis’s aid in the study both theoretically and practically of a topic of perennial interest to humanity and of particular interest to the early 21st century This is a good book for what it is a basic look at CS Lewis apologetic for the Christian faith It is aimed at the average person and is not intended to be a deep philosophicaltheological discussion

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A to Z with C S Lewis

A to Z with C S Lewis Free read Ñ 8 F a genial blend of reason and imagination logic and fantasy profound academic insight and good old common sense Lewis has challenged the modern world to re examine the claims of Christ the Bible and the Church re experience the goodness truth and beauty of l KindleThis was offered free for Kindle in 2013 and I snatched it up I was glad to have this uick overview to get me into thinking about Lewis his influence and influences and his writing before our Year of Narnia I enjoyed the uick glimpses of some of his ideas as expanded upon in his books his Christian view on different ideas and his own life s historyThere is little to no critiue in this work however Markos seems to be all approbation of Lewis I would recommend this as a uick easy introduction before digging into deeper depths

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A to Z with C S Lewis Free read Ñ 8 Professor apologist novelist literary critic fantasy writer philosopher theologian and ethicist Lewis has exerted a profound influence on the way millions of people read literature make moral choices think about God and live out the Christian faith By means o C S simplifiedThe only thing I find fault in this book is that it seems too short I like the format and the topics I find it hard to believe that topics couldn t be added