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  • 03 February 2019
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Doctor Who and The Pescatons Free download ¹ 5 Re the population is bewildered and trembling beneath the violent onslaught of a merciless invaderWho or what is the mighty Zor whose green slanting luminous eyes glare out from the dark of night like giant emeralds What is the powerful alien force tha. Going into this book I was not expecting much with it The reason is that is was based off an audio production that was done back in the 70s I was pleasantly surprised by how much better it was than expected Though it did have its flawsThis is another run of the mill story about an alien race trying to take over the Earth Compared to other stories around this time UNIT is nowhere in sight In the televised series UNIT was being phased out However it could have shown up in this story Instead another organization is involved This does does not hamper the story but it does not help with the scope Due to the world wide problem you would expect UNIT to be involvedOne thing that was the biggest surprise were the Pescatons For a one off alien race there was a lot of detail to these aliens There was a lot of background material and the scope of how dangerous they were was clearly known The downside to them would be their leader I won t go into detail since it is a slight spoiler but it felt out of place with everything else about themVictor Pemberton s writing is great The story flows well and the descriptions are great However the characterization of the Doctor was slightly off Overall an enjoyable story with some flaws

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Doctor Who and The Pescatons Free download ¹ 5 Novelization of the audio adventure released on LP in the 70sThe Doctor and his companion Sarah Jane battle against some of the most heinous foes to emerge from the outer universe The Pescatons The Doctor finds himself in the capital city of London whe. pdf 152 pagesConsiderably expanded from the original audio on LP with a much larger supporting cast Not a massive success Ihave to say though that opinion may be coloured by the staggeringly inaccurate depiction of the lower Thames estuary particularly Shoeburyness and a greater than usual crop of scientific implausibilities

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Doctor Who and The Pescatons Free download ¹ 5 T is bringing Earth's civilisation to a standstill threatening to annihilate everything in its pathThis is the story of a dying Planet of a Deadly Weed and the merciless Creatures themselves It is a Challenge to the Doctor a frightening race against ti. The good news is that The Pescatons is a way better story than the 1976 LP audio adventure it s based on The bad news is that I d still rather listen to the LPAt least with the LP I get Tom Baker and Sarah Jane sounding mildly interested With the novel I get a hundred pages of character development that will always fail in comparison to bonus Tom Baker To be fair most written prose fails to come close to bonus Baker