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Seve The Autobiography review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB Now the subject of a major filmOnce or twice a generation an athlete transcends his sport at last here's Seve Ballesteros in his own wordsThere are golfers and there are golfers And then there's SeveSeveriano Ballesteros was perhaps the most naturally gifted golfer ever to have walked a fairway From the moment his brother Manuel gave him his first club he was unstoppable A few weeks before his seventeenth birthday he turned pro Five years later he won the Open A genius had arrivedFor the best part of two decades Seve dominated the golfing landscape He played shots others could only dream of With 94 wins as a professional including 5 majors he. This is a decent but not a great autobiography of a modern sporting iconThe book was published before Seve s brain haemorrhage I was hoping to read his thoughts on his subseuent recovery attempt and in particular the frustration that he must have felt as he would be unable to control the situation in the manner he is used to Perhaps that is the subject of a different bookDuring the early chapters I found myself switching between admiration for an extremely dedicated and single minded sportsman and an element of loathing of a very arrogant man It depends on your personal view and maybe how competitive you are Regardless it is clear the he was his own man and didn t tolerate fools or those that he saw as fools His many brushes with authority are well documentedHis self belief or arrogance is incredible For example in Chapter 21 he explains what a great influence he is on other golfers and in Chapter 25 he describes an altercation with an official and the fact that he has the upper hand because he is the star of the tournamentI was slightly disappointed in his lack of respect for some other players particularly some very experienced individuals There is an interesting paragraph on page 87 where it looks suspiciously like someone has inserted some kind words on Tom Watson They seem very out of placeIn my opinion there are too many chapters on the Ryder Cup including coverage of a few where Seve wasn t involved and too few on the latter part of his careerIt is very amusing that he refers to his practice as trainingIn summary it s a very good insight into a player who climbed to the very top of his sport from very humble beginnings It also captures the dedication and sacrifices and the frustration when the player is no longer able to compete at the top level

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Seve The Autobiography review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB O Seve Ballesteros Sota was a Spanish professional golfer and a leading sports figure He won than 90 international tournaments in an illustrious career He first caught the attention of the sporting world in 1976 when at the age of 19 he finished second at The Open He played a leading role in the re emergence of European golf helping the European Ryder Cup team to five wins both as a player and captain He won the World Match Play Championship a record tying five times He is generally regarded as the greatest Continental European golfer of all time and won a record 50 times on the European TourBallesteros died of brain cancer on 7 May 2011 aged. A legend and icon with a remarkable career but unfortunately this book is structurally all over the place No natural flow for example it chronologically jumps from winning the Masters one year followed by a chapter about playing in a tournament three years before I have a keen interest in the career of Seve but didn t really enjoy reading this at all

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Seve The Autobiography review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB Was a phenomenon an athlete who transcended his sportBut Seve stood for than simple excellence Almost single handedly Seve gave European golf credibility; almost single handedly he made the Ryder Cup one of the greatest contests in world sport And when as captain he finally lifted the trophy on home soil in 1997 a whole continent rejoiced His pride and passion have inspired millions and we have taken him to our heartsHere for the first time Seve tells his own story From his humble beginnings right up to the present day here at last is the man behind the magic in his own words Seve is utterly entertaining blazingly charismatic and uniueSeverian. I wouldn t say that I enjoyed reading this book I suppose part of it is that I m not a golfer Putting golf aside I m not sure I learnt much about Seve I was surprised to see how conflict prone he was and not very gracious with these who didn t follow his way the book is a bit mechanically structured with no natural flow of events and experiences I suppose we can get a picture of his golfing skills development particularly in the early age But there isn t much information about his emotional and personal development Instead we can see a very stubborn and determined person I would imagine a very difficult one to work and live with There is no mention about his cancer struggle even in the note that his brother added as part of the ending It would be so much personal to see him respond to such tragedy