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  • Paperback
  • 288
  • Dangerous Waters
  • Sandra Robbins
  • English
  • 17 July 2018
  • 9780373675715

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Review ´ Dangerous Waters · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Er with a warning to stop digging up the past With her life in jeopardy she knows that her former fiancé Brad Austin is the only person she can turn to for help The cold case detective has spent years trying to for. Great story but getting kind of tired of reading this particular line of books I start seeing a certain repetitiveness of wording Something most would ignore but I always pick up on it and I think I can write it betterbut I never sit down to write so I should just shut up about that The story is great but I picked up on things about what is going to happen with some of the characters still there was a great plot twist I didn t pick up on and that was pretty good

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Review ´ Dangerous Waters · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Get Laura yet he can't turn her away But before Brad can wrap her in his protection will their reunion be cut short by a killer threatening to silence Laura forever The Cold Case Files Uncovering secrets of the pas. I liked how Brad and Laura found their way through their history and back to each other I thought the twists were good but could have been foreshadowed better I also didn t really like that the original break up seemed to be completely Laura s fault While she comes to terms with her short comings Brad doesn t seem to grow as much

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Review ´ Dangerous Waters · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook SOME SECRETS ARE MEANT TO STAY BURIED Laura Webber is determined to uncover the truth behind her parents' murders But after being interviewed about the unsolved case she's abducted and dumped in the Mississippi Riv. I like Christian fiction As a Christian myself I want to read books where their faith is as important a part of a character as is their love life their job their goals and their past But I also want to read good uality books and all too often these two desires are mutually exclusiveWhich is why I am thankful to have come across Sandra Robbins book Dangerous Waters The storyline was good the characters believable They were not as so often happens in Christian fiction divided into all Christians being good guys and non Christians wicked The Christians in this book had flaws and they were as fallen as the rest of mankind while there were good guys who weren t believers too I did guess uite early on whodunnit but there was enough action to have me uestioning my deductions once or twice before the final showdown And I was rooting for the hero and heroine from word one Believe me that does not always happenThere were one or two things I didn t like so much the conversations were at times stilted and I lost count of the times the heroine told the hero she was grateful he was willing to help her I was ready to shake her and yell You said that already Get on with itMs Robbins says she considers writing a ministry and I have to say that for me it worked Even though I am a believer as I read of her characters realising they needed to turn to God and let him take charge I was not just thinking Amen but also that it was a lesson I could use Putting Him first letting Him take the strain these are things I need reminding of constantly and this book did this for meI ll be looking out for of Ms Robbins work