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Free download Deadshifted Read è E-book, or Kindle E-pub Î Cassie Alexander Cassie Alexander Î 9 review Edie Spence just wanted a vacation A nice relaxing stress free non adventure away from the craziness that's dominated her life since becoming a nurse for paranormal creatur. This is one of the few series my dear readers where each consecutive book is much stronger than the previous one Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews is another series that comes to mindCassie Alexander likes shaking things up Her heroine not only goes from bad to worse she also changes locations and her situation just when we start feeling comfortable about it And damn for a change this is sooo good Deadshifted is one of the best urban fantasies I ve read in a while The whole thing happens on a cruise ship for God s sake How fantastic is thatArcher Edie s shapeshifter boyfriend surprises her with a romantic cruise to Hawaii and for once Edie is looking forward to some relaxation time with her steady and suave man candy However everything goes to shit pretty uickly when first Archer recognises a villain he dealt with in his previous incarnation as one of the guests on the cruise and then kids begin falling ill and die one after another and the whole cruise ship becomes one eery dangerous uarantine zoneWith Archer trying to find out what s going on under his guise as a doctor Edie is left to her own devices with passengers throwing themselves overboard attacking each other for food or spilling their guts in hot tubs all around herEven Edie who is used to all sort of disgusting horrible things from her job as a nurse is taken aback and is really very afraid The death toll goes higher and higher there is no sign of Archer and along with a crippled old couple and an orphaned little girl she has to find a way to survive and get off the goddamn cruise shipGripping suspenseful scary and with an unbelievable twist in the end this is a glorious read Highly recommended and I honestly cannot wait to see what comes next

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Free download Deadshifted Read è E-book, or Kindle E-pub Î Cassie Alexander Cassie Alexander Î 9 review He used to know Someone from his not so nice past With their lives in the balance will Edie and Asher be able to save their growing family or will this adventure be their e. Originally reviewed here Dear AuthorI am a confirmed fan of the Edie Spence series I got in on the ground floor and have thoroughly enjoyed watching Edie negotiate the near constant threats of her world sometimes with exasperation sometimes with blind terror but always with a sort of scrappy determination I find uniuely hers She s a survivor which means she s not above crossing the gray line between what is strictly ethical and what is not It s what I like best about her In a sea of heroically noble and powerful urban fantasy heroines Edie is painfully human She has no hidden powers She s not the long lost heir of anyone She s a night nurse with a messed up family and a serious case of sleep deprivation Her up close and personal knowledge of the supernatural doesn t make her special Rather it seems to isolate her even further But she refuses to throw in the towel And after the fairly catastrophic events of the last book Shapeshifted I wondered what in the world could come nextA cruise isn t exactly Edie s idea of a relaxing vacation But she s trying to be a good sport and share in her boyfriend Asher s excitement at this chance to get away from the inner city clinic where they both work to say nothing of the lingering trauma from the events of six months ago It seems they ve been granted a rare period of peace and she means to enjoy not being alone any So all aboard it is And things actually seem to go rather swimmingly until Asher spots a face he hoped to never see again A face from his altogether dodgy past Edie knows he wasn t always the fairly straight and competent doctor he pretends to be nowadays But the fact that he retains the memories of all the people he touched as a shapeshifter does tend to get in the way sometimes Especially when she has something important she needs to tell him and has no idea at all how he ll respond But when the face he spots turns out to belong to a particularly ruthless villain Asher is determined to find out what he s doing there But before they know it an epidemic breaks out aboard the ship Passengers are being felled left and right in inexplicably gruesome ways Edie finds herself using every nursing skill she has to outrun the disease and keep Asher from being sucked back by the demons of his pastI was surprised to find this one set several months after the end of the last book I guess I expected to ease into things along with Edie and Asher Instead they have a very comfortable feel to them from page one And initially I felt as though I was playing a little bit of catch up as to the status of their relationship Don t get me wrong I ve been on board with Asher from way back I couldn t wait to see how they were as a couple And on that front I felt incredibly rewarded with this installment It felt right They felt right The fact that they were for all intents and purposes stowed away on an ocean liner allowed them a level of intimacy and a reprieve from prying eyes that they never would have been afforded at home I appreciated the trust and space they gave each other Neither of them are shy violets And yet they share a history of isolation of loneliness In each other they seem to have found acceptance if not absolute security Their interactions are full of care and if Asher is a bit reckless by nature I felt safe in his feelings toward Edie Of course all too soon the training wheels are ripped away and the thrill ride begins in earnestThis series has never shied away from the gruesome and Deadshifted makes a bid to be the grisliest of the lot The vacation becomes a living nightmare as the epidemic victims behave in increasingly bizarre ways before succumbing in an alarmingly short period of time Everything about this book felt chilled In fact it felt a bit like I was on the sinking Titanic with doom hanging directly overhead and an unnamed horror just below the surface of every pool of water The collective ambiance was effective in the extreme at once gripping and claustrophobic As always Edie is an absolute force True to her nature she s in no way content to stay put while Asher tracks down his man Determined to do anything she can to save lives her own and Asher s included she tracks down the makeshift infirmary and plunges in Asher is not the only one being followed As things creep closer and closer to complete anarchy fascinating alliances and relationships develop between the few desperate passengers who are still standing This forthright attention to the way mere humans react against a backdrop of mythic disaster remains one of the most compelling strengths of this series As is the fact that conseuences always play an extensive role In this case the conseuences are sure to be myriad as the shuddering game changer of an ending opens a whole new can of blood sucking worms

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Free download Deadshifted Read è E-book, or Kindle E-pub Î Cassie Alexander Cassie Alexander Î 9 review Es But from the start her trip on the Maraschino a cruise ship bound for Hawaii has been anything but stress free especially when Edie's boyfriend Asher recognizes someone. I read this book a long time ago but I only got about half way As part of my goal to tackle my to be read pile I grabbed this book and started from the beginning again It was then that I remembered why I like this seriesEdie and Asher They make such a good couple Edie is so easy going Asher may be a shapeshifter and he may have a human for a girlfriend but he treats her like royalty With each book their love has grown powerful It is really evident in this book Thus the reason that the ending was a sad one I now have to pick up a copy of the next book to see what happens to Edie and Asher Oh and by the way the events in this book were full of action and flowed so well that I was able to just keep reading I might just have to avoid booking a cruise trip anytime soon

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