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یہ خاموشی کہاں تک

Shahid Aziz ✓ 3 free download یہ خاموشی کہاں تک review ↠ 103 This book is not about Kargil and not about the military takeover Certainly the focus is not General Musharraf or even the Army It is a book about human experience of life; the story of a weak man stumbling through his life; pushed by his fears and dragged by his desi. If you ever need to teach your kids the meaning of self contradiction and hypocricy a few pages of this book should be all you need

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Shahid Aziz ✓ 3 free download یہ خاموشی کہاں تک review ↠ 103 D not expect any less And this is the least price I must pay for the suffering that some of my mistakes have caused to this nationAutobiography of Lt Gen retd Shahid Aziz a central character of the 1999 coup by Pakistan Army against the democratically elected governmen. A personal egoistic story of an idiot army general who conuered his own country with full prideAnother dark side is he proudly writes a book about his illegal adventureAnother darkest side is people read it and among best seller in pakistani bookshops and widely read in libraries

Shahid Aziz ✓ 3 free download

Shahid Aziz ✓ 3 free download یہ خاموشی کہاں تک review ↠ 103 Res; torn apart by love transcending with time It is a book for the youth of this nation to learn from the mistakes I have made to see how life twists and moulds each one of us In this endeavour I have laid my life bare and exposed myself to all forms of criticism I di. Yeh Khamoshi Kahan TakA book leads towards inspiration patriotism truth wisdombehind the scene stories Indeed it guids its reader towards high goals

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  • یہ خاموشی کہاں تک
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  • 27 September 2019
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