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Tattooed Taken

DOWNLOAD Tattooed Taken 109 Stormy Glenn Ó 9 DOWNLOAD End up in the arms of the very man he was trying to forgetWarned away from Robby six months ago Wren tried to let things take their natural course When Robby arrives home after being missing for hours Wren loses the tight grip he had on his control What follows is a wild ride that neither of them have any desire to stopWhen the dust settles Wren is overjoyed that Robby is finally his But someone else. Absolutely loved this book Robby and Wren are so easy to identify with I won t say and spoil it for anyone I REALLY can t wait to see what happens next Thank you Stormy for another GREAT book

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DOWNLOAD Tattooed Taken 109 Stormy Glenn Ó 9 DOWNLOAD Thinks that Robby belongs to them and they will do anything including threaten Robby’s family to keep Wren and Robby apart The marine motto is When everyone runs from danger marines run towards it and Wren has every intention of facing the danger head on He just has to keep Robby alive long enough to discover who is after him and whySiren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Romance MM light spanking H. To my great delight this is Robby s story I d been looking forward to it ever since this younger brother of John Henry appeared in the first book and I wasn t disappointed As with the first book in this series the characters and the story are very hot there is uite a bit of action and the mystery around who did it was nicely developed and solved Please find my full review on Rainbow Book Reviews

REVIEW ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ó Stormy Glenn

DOWNLOAD Tattooed Taken 109 Stormy Glenn Ó 9 DOWNLOAD Deputy Robby Harrison wanted Wren Crivello from the moment they met but no matter how hard he tries Wren seems to only want to be friends When Robby gets fired from his job by his brother he suddenly realizes he’s chasing after a lost cause In a fit of anger and depression Robby ties one on at the local bar only to wake the next morning in bed with a naked woman Totally freaked out Robby runs only to. I just knew I was going to love Robby and Wren s story Robby is a sweet soul and Wren is a hot possessive OTT alpha male He literally tattoos his name on Robby s ass Love itOf course the suspensedrama is OTT and not at all believable but oh well

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