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  • Paperback
  • 176
  • The Seeing
  • Diana Hendry
  • English
  • 10 August 2018
  • 9780552565691

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Summary ✓ The Seeing For revenge Natalie and Philip believe it’s up to them to root these people out of NortonLizzie is swept up in what starts as a thrilling game but the conseuences of Philip’s ‘gift’ uickly spiral into disasterA chilling powerful tale from Whitbread Award winner Diana Hendry. Look it s Harry Potter

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Summary ✓ The Seeing Ide of the town – and of herself – that she had never imaginedAs the girls grow closer Natalie and her strange eerie brother Philip reveal a shocking secret For Philip has a second sight and all around them he sees evil ‘left over Nazis’ lying in wait until the time is right. This review was originally published at Fluttering ButterfliesWow The Seeing by Diana Hendry is a very disturbing book

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Summary ✓ The Seeing The second world war is over in the uiet town of Norton When wild dangerous break all the rules Natalie arrives thirteen year old Lizzie is drawn irresistibly to the new girl from the wrong side of the tracks Desperate for Natalie’s friendship and respect Lizzie soon discovers a s. This book is short one but it doesn t feels so and in a very good way The story is perfectly written nothing is missing