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Download ☆ Driving Her Wild ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Weep And avoiding some full body contact is taking all of Steph's self control Grapple Carpenter turned electrician Patrick Doherty is damn good with his hands Sure he's not what Steph is looking for yet But he's about to prove that she has seriously underesti. I never got into category romances specifically but holy wow I am realizing I should have been reading the Blaze Line and I guess it is no longer I picked this up based on a JenReadsRomance rec and I m so happy Meg Maguire is also Cara McKenna who I ve been meaning to read and this is just an absolutely delightful sexy and fun romance between an ex pro MMA fighter and the big sexy clutzy carpenter who is just absolutely bowled over by her prickly charm It is so rare to find a blue collar romance and this one is extraordinary Both Steph and Patrick struggle financially due not to their lack of hard work but becau

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Download ☆ Driving Her Wild ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Winning is good Succumbing is even better Evasion Recently retired pro MMA fighter Steph Healy is through having rough and tumble romps with sexy blue collar dudes Unfortunately Wilinski's Fight Academy has hired an electrician with a body built to make a gal. This book was certainly very different and I would rate it 325 stars The heroine was an ex MMA fighter and the alpha in the relationship which I found unusual She has just retired and is about to turn 30 and wants a family and a guy that is miles apart from the one s she met on the road so she signs up for Spark the dating service of the heroine from the first bookThe hero Patrick is working as an electrician a very inept one at the gym she has started work at and was a very sweet clumsy guy who was insecure because of his divorce and so willing to put himself on the line even when the heroine made it very clear

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Download ☆ Driving Her Wild ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Mated her opponent Submission The moment Patrick has her deliciously pinned Steph knows she's in deep deep trouble Because this seemingly mild carpenter has the mastery to give her exactly what she needsand this is one takedown she's willing to take lying down. I received this book as an ARC from Net GalleyYou can also see this review on wwwchillreviewsblogspotcomSteph Healy is done with the life of a MMA fighter She wants to settle down and find a good stable guy get married and have kids She wants to move past the guys she usually dates blue collar guy they are good guys but they aren t stable and she needs that Since she s working at Wilinski s fight academy and there is Spark above it run by Mercer s fiance Jennawhy not sign up and find a decent stable guy Steph watched her parents struggle for money and she doesn t want that lifePatrick is a regular guy just tryin

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