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They Came from Below Summary î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Reatures would come up from below and wreak havoc on the street in front of the restaurant One of the creatures spots Sam and. 35 stars I always have to laugh at myself when I read these books But if you can t laugh at yourself what is the point Horror Erotica is not going to be for everyone But I have to say I have a real thing for it This one was vampires Not sparklylovey dovey vampires either So it starts as a bit of a nightmare with Vampires coming from the depths of the city to feed on the unsuspecting citizensSammy our main lady is sinlged out by a vampire Roam He smells her view spoiler she has her period hide spoiler

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They Came from Below Summary î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Decides he has to have her in every way possible Can Samantha get away or will the creature catch her and have his way with he. This book addresses a uestion about vampirism I have always thought about Do vampires like to eat pussy when women are having their periodAdmit it you ve thought about it tooVery short read Warning Spoilers The book begins with three female roommates getting together for drinks dinner after work Samantha Sam has recently broken up with a jerk so the trio are all toasting her new found freedomThey hear someone outside the restaurant scream and that s when Sam notices the people crawling out of the storm drains and sewers dressed in black attacking people outside People are dyingPanic is starting inside the restaurantA man by the three girls begins calmly talking about how the old legends spoke about how they would come back It s useless to run They will get us all Sam uestions him and he reveals that he is speaking of vampiresSam is a NICU nurse so she uses her commanding nurse personality to get her friends the guy moving out the restaurant s back door As they are moving she spots one of the vampires staring at her intently He points at her then begins slowly walking to her The author describes him as very built Vin Diesel esue Sam realizes she s his target is endangering her friends if they stick together She hides them and runs in another direction He tackles her admits her blood calls to him like nothing else he has smelled He has not been interested in or had sex in a couple hundred years but it s all he can think about smelling her The fact that Sam is having her period seems to make him even crazedI m going to eat your pussy first he whispered in her ear Then I am going to lick you until you are dry and then I am going to fuck you raw his teeth grazed her ear Then I will decide if I am going to drain you or turn you Do you have a preference loverOh there was pages upon pages of him fulfilling his threatIt was well written inspiring imho woohaaSo I won t spoil much except that there is a HEA if you convert your thinking to that of the monsters

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They Came from Below Summary î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Samantha Tai and Lisa went out to dinner to celebrate Samantha’s new job promotion Little did they know that during dinner c. It s that time of the month for vampires as they come from below looking for a snack Poor Sam is the main course Roan wants to sink his teeth inand his tongueand his fingersand well you get the point Sam at first horrified soon finds that is only a precursor to arousal What happens next is just bloody all the way around but not necessarily in a bad way At times I kept wondering if I should feel bad for her or extremely jealous Who knew cold bodies could have such hot sex And I now can t help but wonder why every guy can t have a forked tongue

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