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Read Benjamin Britten Benjamin Britten Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Arrying two disadvantages to worldly success his passionately held pacifism which made him suspect to the authorities during and immediately after the Second World War and his homosexuality specifically his forty year relationship with Peter Pears for whom many of his greatest operatic roles and vocal works were created The atmosphere and personalities of Aldeburgh in his native Suffolk also form another wonderful dimension to the book Kildea shows clearly how Britten made this creative community notably with the foundation of the A I came to this book after reading about Wilfred Owen and that Britten s use of Owen s poetry in the War Reuiem was one of the things that made Owen a household name Britten had always been a part of my life in that from childhood I listened to his records saw Pears sing Peter Grimes and saw the War Reuiem performed in the new Coventry Cathedral Later I lived in Essex and Suffolk and I met many people who had had contact with Britten in one way or another and heard him give a song recital with Peter Pears at Essex UniversityFirstly one think about this biography is that the writer is a musician and the detailed discussion of Britten s major works is very illuminating and will be an invaluable reference to them for anyone who wants to listen further Britten s music is never simple there are often sub texts in the circumstances surrounding any particular piece For example of the Britten that I know which is only a small part of his ouevre I most love his settings of the Holy Sonnets of John Donne and it s illuminating to discover that they were the first things he composed in a high fever after travelling with Menuhin to perform for victims of the newly liberated Belsen concentration camp an experience that continued to haunt him for the rest of his life At the time I went to University Britten was already an establishment figure wealthy and loaded with gongs so it was a surprise to read that in 1940 he lived with Pears in a brownstone in Brooklyn which he shared with such bohemian figures as WH Auden and Chester Kallman Paul and Sally Bowles where characters like Leonard Bernstein Kurt Weill and Salvador Dali would come and go and which was nicknamed February House by no less a figure than Anais Nin I had known that in his youth Britten collaborated with Auden and Randall Swingler but I had not realized what a profound influence Auden had on him Words were obviously of critical importance to Britten and almost all his important works revolved around settings of words and it is clear from this biography that the reason was Britten s passionate hatred of war and deep unease about economic ineualities reuired words to put across He was of course attacked from the right for his pacifism and support of the Peace Pledge Union and from the left later for his willingness to lunch with the royals and take holidays with Princess Margaret of Hesse but one never gets the feeling that he became right wing as he got older even less that he put his blinkers on and became intellectually complacent He seems to have been someone who lived from first to last with his eyes open so that late in his life he confided to Sidney Nolan that he thought western civilization was in crisis and the result would be tragic Altogether then my impression of Britten remains that he like Owen represents the best of England really the best we had to offer He may have upset the left and the right at various times but he was always a high minded man alert to the happenings in the culture from which he had sprung The fact that he may have been prickly on occasions seems irrelevant really when you look at his output and the pressures on him one friend said that music simply poured out of him He was always active building bridges promoting his musical values As for his sex life what I took most from the book was the feeling that a really solid marriage is the thing that allows creative people the freedom to get sex out of the way and concentrate on the things that matter What kind of marriage it was seems private and irrelevent

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Read Benjamin Britten Benjamin Britten Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ldeburgh Festival and the building of Snape Maltings but also how costly the determination that this reuired wasAbove all this book helps us understand the relationship of Britten's music to his life and takes us as far into his creative process as we are ever likely to go Kildea reads dozens of Britten's works with enormous intelligence and sensitivity in a way which those without formal musical training can understand It is one of the most moving and enjoyable biographies of a creative artist of any kind to have appeared for years Page 425 They gave press conferences asked the difference between The Rape of Lucretia and TheTurn of the Screw by a keen reporter he mischievously replied the notes are the same but they are in a different orderPage 430Alma Mahler 17 years later in response to Britten s reuest to dedicate Nocturne to her she telegraphed the composer my happiness is enormous I cannot feel or think of anything else my deepest thanks Page 370He filled his fountain pen with black ink so the score could be easily photographed apologizing to various correspondents for contravening the etiuette that restricted this color to condolence lettersPage 406Normally Britten responded to such letters in one of two ways I think this is my best piece yet he would say to his intimate friends Or to those outside the circle he might say one is always fondest of one s youngest child

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Read Benjamin Britten Benjamin Britten Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free In the eyes of many Benjamin Britten was our finest composer since Purcell a figure who often inspired him three hundred years earlier He broke decisively with the romantic nationalist school of figures such as Parry Elgar and Vaughan Williams and recreated English music in a fresh modern European form With Peter Grimes 1945 Billy Budd 1951 and The Turn of the Screw 1954 he arguably composed the last operas from any composer in any country which have entered both the popular consciousness and the musical canonHe did all this while c Blurb Paul Kildea s major biography of the twentieth century composer Benjamin Britten is published in the year that marks his centenaryIn this vivid portrait of the composer Paul Kildea explores the private and creative life of the man who composed operas that have entered the popular consciousness as well as the musical canon These include Peter Grimes Billy Budd and The Turn of the Screw Kildea also explores his forty year complex relationship with Peter Pears for whom Britten created an array of operatic and vocal roles Kildea brings his experience as a conductor who has performed many of Britten s works to bear in his insightful interpretation of the composer s music Radio 3 will be marking Britten s Centenary across the year including broadcasts of all his operasRead by Alex Jennings who is well known to Radio 4 audiences and has appeared in many films and television dramas He is currently appearing at the National Theatre in Hymn by Alan Bennett In 2009 he played Benjamin Britten in The Habit of Art also by Alan BennettAbridged by Richard HamiltonProduced by Elizabeth AllardTalk about serendipityAm just a few pages into February Houseand last week we were discussing the operatic version of Boris GodunovSING ALONG And now ladies and gentlemen without further adoIt is indeed a great pleasure to introduce to youHeld over three weeks and gettin rave reviewsHere s Benjy the Britten the King of the skewedShooby doo wop wop wop yeahShooby doo wop wop wop wowShooby doo wop wop wopLet me hear it how bout thatShooby doo wop wop wopShooby doo wop wop wop yeahShooby doo wop wop wop wellYes BBC R4 BOTWGrade AAuden and Britten Nightmail Dances from Gloriana in Venice biography is all encompassing and I was enthralled it is such a shame that Britten s music does not thrill me at all

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