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Thrill Ride Free read Ù 0 Thrill Ride One day admission 15Summer job Pros Living on my own plus roommates Rides are free. I should really stop reading cheesy YA novels that are intended for younger readers I m not too old for most YA novels yet but I think I am for some of them I ve learned my lesson I actually did enjoy the relationship between the characters though It s the lack of maturityintelligence I m sorry I really don t want to be mean I just think the the characters acted stupidly a few times that made me realize that I can t force myself to read such novels when I ve sadly grown out of them

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Thrill Ride Free read Ù 0 But avoid the roller coasters too scary Super hot coworker Cons Periodic homesicknessDressing l. I love Rachel Hawthorne s books I can always count on picking up one of her books and getting exactly what I want from them a uick fast sweet read that will give you that awww moment that you are looking forYou know the readsThe fluff reads you need on a bad day that will put a smile on your face and melt your heart just a little bitI love stories like that I know some don t so I would imagine these books wouldn t be for everyone but I love to read something light and fluffy every now I am after all a hopeless romanticSo if you want just a feel good read Rachel Hawthorne s books are definitely for youAnd while this book wasn t earth shattering or life changing it is still worth the readI love reading about teenagers that find themselves and find love in the process as wellThose that are willing to jump in head first and just take a chance on love knowing very well they may get a broken heart in the process but a lot of great memories to take with them either wayThis is a great summer read or just a great read if you are looking for something to put a little brightness in your day

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Thrill Ride Free read Ù 0 Ike Gretel for job in fairyland gift shopSuper hot coworker and boyfriend back home Too thrilli. I had a friend who once said that he was against long distance relationships because most of the time it never works Nick and Megan are the perfect example of that Like my friend said it takes two to make it work It takes a tremendous amount of trust and effort to keep the relationship goingI guess if you really want to make it work then the relationship will work outThough I haven t been in one of those LDR s yet I know its hard to be in one so I guess I can relate to Megan s predicament a bit And I guess one of the classic pitfalls of LDR s is shown uite prominently in the story Falling for someone else while you re away from the one you re in a relationship withI needed to read something that wouldn t really reuire me to think that much and feel as mushy as possible and I guess this book did it for meIt was a really fun read and I did have fun I was a bit surprised it got uite serious in the end but I guess I loved it That this isn t just an ordinary romantic readI was really rooting for her and Parker up to the endHah and I know about that roller coaster and carousel symbolism Carousels are for people who wanted to be on the safe side The roller coasters are for those who would dare It was scary but the thrill you get is always worth the scare I m glad Megan was finally able to take the risk to ride the roller coaster and to stay with Parker

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  • 10 January 2018
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