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review º Expecting Better 104 Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Emily Oster Face an endless stream of decisions from the casual Can I eat this to the frightening Is it worth risking a miscarriage to test for genetic defects  Expecting Better presents the hard facts and real world advice you’ll never get at the doctor’s office or in the existing literature Oster’s revelatory work identifies everything from the real effects of caffeine and tobacco to the surprising dangers of gardeningAny expectant mother knows that the health of her baby is paramount but she will be less anxious and better able to enjoy a healthy pregnancy if she is informed and can have the occasional glass of wine. A little background I m 29 weeks pregnant for the fourth time so I probably have interest in pregnancy than your average JoeWhen economist Emily Oster decided to have a baby she wanted to make informed decisions and assumed the medical community would offer her the statistic based information she is used to finding Instead she received a lot of probably fine and low risk vagueness Since her and her husband s profession is to find and analyze research she started reading studies about pregnancy and drawing conclusions The result is an easy to read story of her own pregnancy experience the choices she made and the research she found Her object is to give readers the information to make their own informed decisions taking into account what the research means and then to factor in their own pluses and minuses the personal needs and preferences that influence any decision There are a few cases where she drew conclusions eg there is no evidence that routine episiotomy is helpful and is often harmful instead so you should skip it but she always offers the research if you want to make a different decision I honestly loved this than I thought I would It s incredibly complete I thought it was mostly about the conflicting advice given All alcohol is bad 1 2 drinks a week is fine Drinking in moderation is not a problem but in addition to that she covered pretty much every decision you have to make even ones that aren t framed as decisions Your doctor may not offer you all the prenatal testing options depending on risk factors but Oster breaks down all the available knowledge to help you decide what to reuest She also evaluates conflicting studies based on the uality of the research which is something laymen are not always skilled at and she has a PhD inI would highly recommend this book to pregnant women or those considering it there s a pre conception section If statistics offer you any comfort you ll enjoy the table detailing how likely you are to go into labor every week and your baby s chance of survival if you do And if scare tactics and the routine treating of pregnant women like children annoys you you ll be glad to have all the pertinent research to make your own decisions I also think it s a good read for people interested in research and its interpretation My only regret is that I bought a kindle book instead of a hard copy I think I ll refer to it and wish I could loan it out

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review º Expecting Better 104 Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Emily Oster What to Expect When You're Expecting meets Freakonomics an award winning economist disproves standard recommendations about pregnancy to empower women while they're expectingPregnancy unuestionably one of the most pro­found meaningful experiences of adulthood can reduce otherwise intelligent women to well babies We’re told to avoid cold cuts sushi alcohol and coffee but aren’t told  why these are forbidden Rules for prenatal testing are hard and fast and unexplained Are these recommendations even correct Are all of them right for every mom to be In  Expecting Better award winning economist Emily Oster prov. After 2 moderately complicated pregnancies and multiple thrown pregnancy books I wanted to like this I was attracted to the concept of applying decision making principles to pregnancy It s a great concept and not enough pregnancy literature emphasizes the risk and tradeoff model or if it does presents inaccurate risks The book has already gotten a backlash for daring to suggest that the zero tolerance approach to alcohol in pregnancy is not backed by evidence prompting 1 star reviews accusing the author of not caring about FASD This particular criticism is in my opinion overblown Unfortunately the book itself doesn t measure up to the concept A full treatment of the problem would be a weighty tome akin to Henci Goer s Obstetric Myths and Research Realities only less biased and up to date To her credit Oster doesn t even pretend to have attempted that Even so the treatment verges on the cursory and would have benefited from closer collaboration with an OBGYN The book is structured as a journey through pregnancy using Oster s own pregnancy low risk with an unmedicated vaginal delivery as a base narrative This makes the book easy to follow but also has its pitfalls Given that a large number of women will have a relatively low risk pregnancy and delivery this isn t entirely invalid Many of the things she covers especially in early pregnancy are common to all the true risks of cat litter and tuna and the probabilities used in prenatal screening have widespread relevance However it also means she completely ignores almost anything outside of her experience Rightly she decided that most of the complications of pregnancy are between you and your doctor although she provides some bullet points but this also means that C sections get no discussion at all Strangely VBACs do and her discussion is surprisingly skewed She leans towards VBACs being too risky while not mentioning the most freuently discussed concern uterine rupture and doesn t mention the downsides of planned repeats at all At times it comes off as actually slapdash There s a short discussion of non stress testing in the section about later pregnancy and the potential value for delivery but never mentions the possibility that a biophysical profile will be done There s no discussion of the actual risks involved of routine induction at 40 vs 41 vs 42 weeks which is a fairly common topic of discussion and a natural fit for the chapter Her treatment of home birth is sure to rise some hackles Nor is it helped by a throwaway comment about higher home birth rates and lower infant mortality rates in Europe although on the next page she discusses the difference between perinatal and neonatal mortality Wherefore art thou editor The section on drug classifications is helpful but not entirely so the potential benefits of Category D medications aren t really mentioned It s a short breezy read and provides some interesting food for thought particularly with the early pregnancy risks but is of limited practical use

Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Emily Oster

review º Expecting Better 104 Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Emily Oster Es that pregnancy rules are often misguided and sometimes flat out wrongA mom to be herself Oster debunks the myths of pregnancy using her particular mode of critical thinking economics the study of how we get what we want Oster knows that the value of anything a home an amniocentesis is in the eyes of the informed beholder and like any compli­cated endeavor pregnancy is not a one size fits all affair And yet medicine often treats it as such Are doctors working from bad data Are well meaning friends and family perpetuating false myths and raising unfounded concerns Oster’s answer is yes and oftenPregnant women. I m now on my second reading of this book It s so jam packed with enlightening facts and information that every expecting couple should know that I felt I should read it again just so I can retain it all a bit betterFirst let me address the alcohol issue since there s been a lot of backlash against this book online and on talk radio for suggesting that drinking a bit of alcohol during pregnancy is okay It is my opinion that the anti FASD Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder crusaders out there in comments sections of articles discussing this book have not read the book nor have they read the studies Oster cites in her discussion of the topic Oster does NOT say that heavy or binge drinking during pregnancy is okay The studies she cites clearly show that heavybinge drinking is detrimental to fetal health Those same studies however demonstrate pretty clearly that light drinking up to 2 drinks PER WEEK not in the same day in the first trimester up to 4 drinks PER WEEK again not in the same day in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters has no effect on either fetal development or on intelligence of the child even up to age 14 There s a world of difference between light drinking as defined here and heavy or binge drinking and the most strident of Oster s critics seem not to grasp that difference Oster presents the studies the hard scientific data that backs up what she is saying This is not her opinion it s scientific evidence Intelligent pregnant women can take that information and process it themselves some women may decide that they d rather not drink any alcohol during their pregnancy while others may decide that an occasional drink with dinner is fine The point is that women who choose the second option should feel vindicated by the fact that all medical evidence points to their choice being safe for their babiesThe alcohol discussion however is just one part of one chapter of the book The rest of the book looks at everything you could possibly be concerned about with a pregnancy Is deli meat okay Possibly not What about sushi Yes Hot yoga Depends on how hot it is Cleaning the cat litter box Fine Gardening Not fine All of the restrictions that pregnant women are told they must adhere to Oster evaluates by going to the original scientific studies Some restrictions are shown to be silly when viewed in light of the actual evidence Others are affirmed and you are given the precise reasons why the restriction exists But you don t have to take Oster s word for it for all of the conclusions Oster comes to you can reach your own conclusions by simply going to the immensely valuable endnote section of the book and looking up the same studies she used to write the book In addition she combines information into very helpful graphs that express in one picture a wealth of knowledge One example is a graph of where different types of fish fall on the scale of mercury content bad for Baby s I versus Omega 3 content good for baby s I This would be great to have in your purse when you re out to dinner and thinking about a fish entr e so that you re not trying to look up this info on your smartphone being rude to your dining companions Additionally Oster covers topics such as trying to conceive nausea what amount is normal what treatments there are both prescription and non genetic screening and amniocentesisCVS risk of chromosomal abnormalities and detection rates of various procedures designed to find them miscarriage rates broken down by age of the mother weight gain and exercise during pregnancy induced labor epidurals and If you want to know the facts behind the recommendations your doctor has given you this is the book for you You ll have the actual data from the original studies along with Oster s explanation of the statistics you need to know to make the best decisions for you personally I strongly recommend this book

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