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READ & DOWNLOAD Unmasking Maya ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ver their facades begin to crack She catches her first glimpse of the man behind the superhuman tech prodigy and he starts to see her as the woman she used to be But is this a good thing Once that last secret is revealed will it bring them closer together or will it tear them apart. Reviewer MariaSource PublicistMaria s review was first posted on Romancing the Book s blog What do you get when a boho type artistic free spirited woman in San Francisco gets with a nerd from Silicon Valley An inter cultural love story that s what When two very different people come together in our crazy modern scenario there is bound to be conflict galore That is the essence of UNMASKING MAYA a fresh contemporary romance from Libby Mercer who earlier brought us the amazingly exuisite FASHIONING A ROMANCEMaya Kirkwood is a woman with a past She s hiding something She s an ex New Yorker trying to make it as an artistic d cor designer in San Francisco And when she s hired by the Bill Gates like prodigy Derek Whitley to do some d cor improvement in his Merlo Place operations base the sparks don t exactly fly at first It s a slow burn But yes the attraction flares in due course We know that Maya is hiding something and as we go deeper into the story we learn what it is along with Derek himself He s checked up on Maya and he knows by her lack of internet presence that she s definitely hiding somethingThe surprising thing is Derek s hiding something too A something that threatens to become a very big something indeed Perhaps an obstacle in their budding romance Will Maya and the Nerd get it together Will Maya make peace with her shameful past And will Derek make peace with his And move on Do this pair have a future Even if they both come to terms with their backgrounds which made them what they are today even if they manage to get past all that is there really a future in their futureCan a boho artist woman she doesn t even own a computer and a geeky nerdy man really get it together Even if he is a millionaire prodigy Is it even possible Well this is what we read the book to discover I d like to think that they balance each other each one cancelling out the other s deficiencies Or will they drive each other crazy and end up leaving each other in disgust Really you can t know unless you go there can you The writer s job is to take you there and see for yourself Can she do it And can he do it convincinglyThe atmosphere of San Francisco comes through strongly The city is like another character in the novel From Pacific Height to Merlo Place to the eccentrics like the businessman on the unicycle I dare you not to find a little place in your heart for thi city by the time you ve completed reading thisLibby Mercer s writing is sharp perceptive and lucid She writes in crisp contemporary language She literally holds your hand and takes you there She s very much a chronicler of the age I ve noticed her observations in FASHIONING A ROMANCE her last book too I like this juxtaposition of the nerdy with the trendy of the boho with the techno It s definitely something to keep in mind and watch out forAnd again Libby proves that it s possible to make a story sizzle without getting into bed with the main characters That s a rare skill So folks what we have here a sweet romance that sizzles Way to go LibbyFavorite uote I just don t see why this should classify as art He did the air uote thing with his fingers and it took every ounce of will power I had not to slam a stiletto into his kneecaps He turned to me with a neutral expression apparently unaware that he was offending me

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READ & DOWNLOAD Unmasking Maya ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Defamed Disgraced and Displaced Fresh from a career killing scandal New York fashion girl Maya Kirkwood arrives in San Francisco to reinvent herself as a fine artist She's offered the opportunity to create an installation at the Silicon Valley headuarters of a hot new tech company. Maya Kirkwood had the career of her dreams in New York s couture fashion world only to have to suddenly vanish thanks to her duplicitous ex It feels like her past happening all over again But Maya s not one to give up in a ball of shame instead she moves to San Francisco changes her name and reinvents herself as a textile artist At her first exhibition her agent encourages her to meet a prospective new client a successful tech nerd from Silicon Valley called Derek Whitley Only he s not the pasty paunchy nerd she expected he s young tall fit lightly tanned and very handsome and when she sounds him out about her artwork Maya learns he doesn t like itBut Derek still wants to commission her to produce an installation for the new wing of his company building and whether he personally likes her work or not he sees as irrelevant Derek is all work and no play and he seems mostly irritated and annoyed by Maya especially her persistence and argumentativeness Over the two weeks she spends at his company working on the commission she doesn t learn that much about the private taciturn man But when her father whom she hasn t seen in years suddenly turns up in her life again it s Derek who is there to support her and help her rebuff the man s attentions With Maya s secrets unravelling a new kind of friendship begins between her and Derek Only trouble is she s not the only one with a past she s been keeping secret and the truth about Derek could be an obstacle Maya can t overcomeThis was such a fun delightful intelligent read It s a smooth blend of chick lit and romance being chick lit in plot tone structure all those key points but with a romantic focus getting the heroine and hero together with some sex included for the full experience It s a fairly short novel one that skips along at a steady merry pace easy to read in one sitting I want to use the word breezy but thanks to those awful annoying Covergirl commercials I now hate that wordMaya was an engaging narrator and an interesting protagonist who had some pretty shitty things happen to her but held it together and continued doggedly on She s definitely tenacious and I liked that she was a textile artist both my mum and my sister are textile artists with different styles of course so Maya felt like someone I knew right off the bat I also liked the way she handled the situation at the end I respect and appreciate romance heroines who stay calm and don t devolve into melodrama and who stand firm on an issue and who are also flexible enough to change their minds or something later at the right timeDerek was a classic chick lit hero so aloof and stoic and reserved so that the moments when he couldn t help himself and laughed or otherwise enjoyed himself became that much precious and meaningful It was great to read about a couple who didn t dance around each other and pretend things Maya came clean and Derek did too They were open about their feelings It didn t solve all their problems but it was just refreshingly mature and intelligent the ridiculousness of the heroines stubbornness and the heroes refusal to admit his feelings in so many paranormal romance books is what made me take a prolonged break from reading the genreMy one complaint if you can call it that was that I would have liked a slightly longer story It was just a bit too fast considering how much I was enjoying it and wanted to get to know the characters on the positive side it s a well plotted story that doesn t suffer from filler syndrome or an author who can t self edit and loves the sound of their own voice I appreciate that I really do especially after Thoughtless I was surprised the side plot of Maya s father and what happened to her in New York didn t get revisited yet also pleased that the story didn t follow any predictable formulas for following through on them I wanted to get to know the supporting cast and see of Maya and Derek s lives play out I say that because I enjoyed it but also because it left me with the slight feeling of having eaten hollow carbs too much sugar not enough fibre As much as I had fun reading it and loved the slightly fast pace I can t help but have the niggling feeling that it was a bit too fast at times I m torn though because I also love that it wasn t drawn out or padded unnecessarily Regardless I recommend this as a light breezy read about two people who have to overcome their pasts and live for the moment and a future that s brighter with each other in it If you re looking for a fun mature romance that s not at all shallow or prone to clich s definitely give Libby Mercer s Unmasking Maya a read My thanks to the author for a copy of this book

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READ & DOWNLOAD Unmasking Maya ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Fabulous right Not so much She can't stand Derek Whitley wunderkind software genius and CEO of the company Hot as he may be on the outside inside the man is a cold unemotional robotic type Way too left brained for her right brained self As Maya and Derek get to know each other howe. Reviewed by DesereThis was a really funfresh and new look on romance for me The unlikely pair ending up together in a very unexpected manner very FRESH I liked the author s sense of humour and very different outlook on writing as she used some very interesting dialogue that really made the book a very fun readI also loved how the author incorporated what I would think was her own emotions into the characters she almost made it seem as if she was writing about her own lifeThe backdrop setting of San Francisco was perfect for the couple of Maya and Derek I loved how the two footsied around each other and then some and in the end I was very glad to see it all end wellThe author is one of those that you know is a rising star in the book industry and I very much look forward to the next bookWell done Libby55 star review

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