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summary ï Laying Ghosts N are haunted by who they are Joe Peterson is haunted by all three His parents' return from their mission combined with a family reunion forces Joe's kin to deal with his new life out of the Mormon Church out of. I think that Laying Ghosts is my favorite novel of this series yet We learn a ton of background on both Joe and KabeIn this novel Joe and Kabe are pretty solid They re living togethe

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summary ï Laying Ghosts Joe and Kabe must lay the ghosts of the past and bring closure to a family scarred by loss to move forward in their life togetherSome families are haunted by tragedy Some people are haunted by their pasts Some me. 35 stars I loved to spend time with Joe and Kabe and enjoyed their continued relationship progress in this instalment The two men are now living together but Joe is still very new t

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summary ï Laying Ghosts The closet and living with his lover Kabe When a decades old murder of a child lands on Joe's desk digging into it dredges up long buried truths and festering secrets about folks Joe thought he knew including Kab. 35 stars I struggled a little with this one and I m not sure if it was the book or my moodI liked how Joe and Kabe handled their relationship issues this time around but I still fe

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