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free read London Urban Legends ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Scott Wood õ 9 free read free read London Urban Legends Ormed from reactions to spectacular events in the modern world and reflect our current values From royal rumours to subterranean legends Scott Wood has researched and written about them with a sense of wonder humour and a keen eye He finds the truth the myth and the lies amongst these tale I d probably give it 35 starsIt s not actually a collection of legends as you may think according to the name of the book it s like a research dedicated to urban myths The book is divided into 22 chapters each of them tells us about some particular kind of urban legends There are uite a lot of them the legends about famous landmarks and people about public transport the Tube about animals and much Scott Wood not only writes about the most popular urban myths of London he also confirms if they are based on real facts or not According to this book not all of those legends are invented by people s sick imagination Something strange really happens in London from time to timeAt first I thought there will be different short stories in this book but the author himself says the following Some urban legends are straight narratives the Corpse on the Tube and the Accidental Theft are stories that can be told retold and remodelled according to their teller Others are composed of ideas that float in the ether waiting for an event to bring them all together again and it explains everything perfectly The legends are still nice and the book is informative enough And a bit funny The uotes which precede each chapter of London Urban Legends really suit the stories I especially liked Charles O Hegarty s song The Body in the Bag I couldn t help laughing while reading the textScott Wood also says that it might be hard to read his book for the people who s never been to London but personally I felt uite comfortable while reading maybe it s because I m familiar with the history of the city London The Biography by Peter Ackroyd helped me with that I didn t feel lost or confusedTo sum up it s a nice book for those who is interested in the history of London and urban mythology and for anyone who loves this place It definitely wasn t a waste of time for me

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free read London Urban Legends ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Scott Wood õ 9 free read free read London Urban Legends How long has a corpse been staring out at passengers on the tube Was London Bridge really shipped abroad by an American thinking he’d bought Tower Bridge Did the ueen really mix with the crowds as a princess on VE Day And did Hitler actually want to live in Balham Where are there razor b There is something deeply mysterious in the air of LondonAm I biased uite possibly yes but I ve had the blessing to find myself walking in its streets many times and what I felt there I haven t felt in any other cityThe shadows that are cast over its buildings during the Blue Hourthe mist that arises from the water of Father ThamesWhen darkness fallsthe visitor expects to hear the sound of carriages upon cobblestoned streetsmysterious passengers heading on shady endeavors men in top hats and the butterflies of the night standing under the flickering light of the lamp posts Yestoo much Dickens and Tom Hardy s Taboo can have that effectbut anywayWhat is really special and interesting with this book is that there aren t only urban legends of our recent times but also tales that would have been considered urban legends in the 16th century and onwardsmost of them based on actual events that had a significant impact on the London societySculptures that are considered cursed and buildings of misfortune whose creators ended their lives with their own handinns and public houses with mysterious passageshidden alleys that lead nowherewater that runs through the walls of the cityUrban tales about Alexander Mcueenabout the Beatlesthe Who about bars of ill repute and the songs that were inspired by themWhat frightened me most were the stories about incidents and weird phenomena connected to the UndergroundSince the Tube is my way of commuting to work dailyI admitI had an odd feeling standing on the platform of the Underground in AthensI ve always had the notion that many strange things may be taking place once the lights of the Tube go out and its gates are lockedI am weird anywayso don t mind meA lovely book for all of us who love London and urban legendsAnd one great addition to all those recent books about this magnificenthauntingly beautiful capital

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free read London Urban Legends ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Scott Wood õ 9 free read free read London Urban Legends Lades hidden and where did all these parakeets come from Did they really belong to Jimi Hendrix Urban legends are the funny frightening and fierce folklore people share Just like the early folk tales that came before them which were attempts to explain the spiritual world these tales are f While I was in the Middle East there was this story trending about a preteen child usually a girl who suddenly disappears in a shopping mall The frightened mother informs the mall staff and immediately they down the shutters and start searching After a frantic hour the kid is discovered in a toilet hair cut dress changed and drugged An apparent attempt at daylight kidnapping has been averted at the last momentI think all of us across the globe can relate to such stories They always happen to a friend of a friend or foaf in this age of abbreviations just beyond one s reach of personal corroboration The person who tell you the story will swear by it however heshe will only be lost when you ask for concrete evidenceThese are the famous Urban Legends tales which are frightening funny disgusting awe inspiring they apparently start spontaneously and spread like wildfire and have amazing tenacity The story I uoted above apparently had its beginning something like half a century or ago in the US It s still going great gunsIn this book Scott Wood chronicles the legends that envelop and define the iconic city of London Many of them are not really urban as they have been carried over from history but their currency makes them a valid addition to the genreThis book is a light read The author does not delve deep into the psychological aspects of legend creation rather he is interested in tracing how and why such a legend might have started In the process he gives us fascinating insights about London a city I have visited four times in my life and would love to visit again as it lies inundated in history and mythSome stories I loved1 Sculptors who commit suicide because they made a mistake2 The devilish gargoyles of Cornhill3 The ravens in the Tower of London4 The London Stone5 The creepy corpse in the tube6 The plague pits scattered all over the place7 All the creepy tales of criminals8 Spring heeled Jack and Jack the RipperA nice book to while away a lazy afternoon

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