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FREE READ The Story of Ferdinand 107 He fiercest bull around Ferdinand trots into the ring only to sit and smell the flowers in the ladies' hair No matter what the frustrated mat Many of the kids books I ve been revisiting are filled with specific vivid memories of my childhood that are almost narratives unto themselves Reading them transports me back to those probably apocryphal moments in my brain leaving me full of a sort of joyful melancholy for things past and a hunger for of those memories a desire to relive all those locked up personal stories so I grab another book I have always loved and devour it looking for I didn t find those memories in The Story of Ferdinand but I may have found something precious I found that this story with its beautiful illustrations and its little bull turned big bull who just wants to live peacefully and smell his flowers made me think about people I care about rather than remembering some synapsy tale of themIt made me think of my mother Chr

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FREE READ The Story of Ferdinand 107 Ferdinand the peaceful bull who loves to sit and smell flowers is mistakenly carted off to a bullfight in Madrid where he is believed to be t I m not an impartial judge of this book I m assuming all of you know the story It s about a bull that doesn t want to bullfight like the other bulls He just wants to sit and smell flowers in the field My mom used to read it to me when I was a kid She used to call me her little Ferdinand because all the other little boys wanted to run around and roughhouse And I didn t I just wanted to sit and read and think I m not an impartial judge of this book But I m fond of it And when a book s been around for 70 years there s usually a reason for it

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FREE READ The Story of Ferdinand 107 Ador and his helpers do they cannot get Ferdinand to fight Lawson's memorable black and white pictures speak volumes in this childhood classi This is the story of Ferdinand a little bull who would rather sit and smell flowers than fight in the bullring This book truly is a gem While I had heard about this work before this is the first time that I have read it and I absolutely love it Originally published in 1936 this work has been translated into than 60 languages and has rarely been out of print As this title is well known I want to talk about its background Its a hefty one While Munro Leaf is an American author because of the timing setting and main character this work is thought to have a political agenda The book was published shortly before the Spanish Civil War Described by some as subversive with a pacifist view which challenged the facism that currenlty predominated Europe Ferdinand was banned in many countries including Spain and Germ

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