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review å Counterclockwise Life and many are wondering ‘How did I get to be this old’ Plenty will turn to miracle creams injections fillers and surgery to reverse the hands oftime but Kessler investigates the largely unexplored side of antiaging what it takes to be younger not just look younger Guided by both intense curiousity and healthy skepticism a sense of adventure and a sense of humor she investigates America’s youth obse Very enjoyable and informative how to How to live better how to avoid the pitfalls associated with aging how to be healthier how to progress along the lines of healthy healthy healthy dead instead of healthy healthy sick sick dead Or something like that

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review å Counterclockwise A bootcamp in Utah in 118 degree heat A raw food diet Hypnotic suggestions A team of crack computer scientists who can age and de age a face with the click of a mouse The World Convention on Anti Aging Medicine in Las Vegas headlined by Suzanne Somers These are just a few of the stops Lauren Kessler makes on her journey to reverse time from the inside outAt this moment one in three Americans are entering mid The author writes in a breezy style not uite as sarcastic as Mary Roach but does has some witful critiuesShe provides a counterpoint and commonsense to all the amazing claims of the many variety of anti ager hawkers and huckstersSometimes there are too many irrelevant details added to all of the author s encounters one example would be her going on and on about the art gallery look of a doctor s officeStill she give a fairly comprehensive and understandable look at various anti aging strategies including various bewaresShe definitely personalizes her research she has either investigated andor participated in many of the anti aging strategies of which she writes and then she tells the reader what happened to her

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review å Counterclockwise Ssion and decides on a very personal level what to do about it She is at once the careful reporter the immersion journalist the self designated lab rat and a midlife woman who is not interested in being as old as her driver’s license insists she isKessler’s mission isn’t about vanity well maybe a little but about discovering ways to maintain stamina vitality fortitude and creativity right to the very e Seemed mostly centered on physical appearance of health rather than actual healthThe supplements chapter was very useful

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