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characters ò eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Gurcharan Das Summary ´ India Grows At Night ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Gurcharan Das ´ 8 review Indians wryly admit that India grows at night But that is only half the saying; the full expression is India grows at night when the government sleeps suggesting that the nation may be rising despite the state Indias is a tale of private success and public failure Prosperity is indeed spreading across the country even as. India grows at night while the government sleeps India s growth in the last few decades is not because of the Indian Government but despite it is the basic premise of this book by Gurucharan Das He emphasizes how historically India has always been bestowed with a strong populace but rather a weak government Be it the warring kings of the princely states or the marauding foreign invaders or now the populist democratic government except a few exceptions India has not got the opportunity to have rulers who could establish a strong liberal state by imposing the rule of law Yet India has grown owing to its resilient and opportunistic people Das believes that if we can mend our system of governance India s growth can have no limit In the recent events of Anna Hazare movement where India saw its vibrant middle class for the first time came out to the streets leaving their cozy armchairs Das saw the glimpse of hope of that happening However this book definitely doesn t do justice to the expectations and credibility that comes along with the author owing to his educational Harvard Graduate professional CEO of PG India and public intellectual author of the brilliant India Unbound credentials As a proponent of free market Das repeats the theory of Weak State vs Strong Society and drags it throughout the book without presenting any other idea Even he realizes this and admits in the conclusion As I look back on what I have written in this book I cannot escape a feeling of asymmetry Das s this book manages to be informative but unfortunately fails to enlighten To redeem he tries to present some common sense ideas for solution like forming a new secular open economy ideological party execute the rule of law etc but those are half baked and lack the conviction Also now that Anna Hazare s movement has failed to achieve its intended result too much emphasis on that movement doesn t make this book clairvoyantThis book is readable and not complete waste of time but sadly doesn t live up to the expectations

characters ò eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Gurcharan Das

India Grows At Night

characters ò eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Gurcharan Das Summary ´ India Grows At Night ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Gurcharan Das ´ 8 review A strong liberal state Such a state would have the authority to take uick decisive action; it would have the rule of law to ensure those actions are legitimate; and finally it would be accountable to the people But achieving this will not be easy says Das because India has historically had a weak state and a strong socie. tl dr To play with the blurb on the cover Deserves to be universally ignored The book is poorly argued and one gains very little from reading it Gurcharan Das tries very hard to ground India s potential for good governance to ultimately support the fountainhead of private enterprise in texts such as Manusmriti and others The problem isn t that he uotes at times reasonable concepts from India s history The issue in fact is that Gurcharan Das wants to coerce everything he has with him a jamboree of anecdotes his conviction in neoliberalism knowledge of some Indian texts and current affairs to uneuivocally present a case for classic liberalismThe author comes from a family of extraordinarily high privilege It wouldn t be difficult to imagine him unable to see an entire layer of society that has been ignored for centuries At times he makes assertions unbacked by any fact such as the following way where he extracts the dominant narrative of upper castes creating and implementing texts on dharma and completely eschews the need to consider the barbaric exclusion of those lower in the social hierarchy He concludes was a code of conduct supported by the general conscience of the people This assertion of universal acceptance of this code of conduct is mentioned repeatedly in the book The book also has failed prophecies which anyone can see because they didn t materialize the way he predicted them the book was published in 2012 Also I find his understanding of economics to be shoddy but that would take a lot of space in an already long review Lastly the author s optimism is perhaps a shining light through it all but I wonder if we could have done with some admissions of the complexity of the issues India faces rather than speculating how and when the next desi Thatcher or Reagan would save India

Gurcharan Das ´ 8 review

characters ò eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Gurcharan Das Summary ´ India Grows At Night ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Gurcharan Das ´ 8 review Governance failure pervades public life But how could a nation become one of the worlds fastest growing economies when its governed by a weak ineffective state And wouldnt it be wonderful if India also grew during the dayin other words if public policy supported private enterprise What India needs Gurcharan Das says is. This was a rather dull read For me the chapters merged into each other I could not even take away anything substantial from it I was just rushing to finish it It seemed like it was an intellectual trying to do what he does best talk about ideals and situations in thin air I genuinely do not understand what I was supposed to take away with me when this book finished The only thing that I understood was that he liked Anna Hazare and that he didn t like Indira Gandhi s tenure as the Prime Minister

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