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characters How to Get Over Your Ex ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ol Georgia discovers a taste for adventure Her biggest thrill so far Flirting with danger aka the enigmatic Zander But admitting she's ready for than just a fling Definitely Georgia's scariest challenge y. Good book When Georgia s on air proposal is rejected by her boyfriend she flees the studio in humiliation Then she finds out that she still needs to honor her contract with the radio station even though there is no wedding and honeymoon to cover So the station manager Zander comes up with the idea of the Year of Georgia where she takes that time to do the things she has always wanted to do and reinvent herself I liked both Georgia and Zander Georgia started out wondering what was so wrong with her that her boyfriend didn t want to take the next step with her But when Zander came up with the idea of reinventing herself she didn t much care for that not feeling that there was that much wrong with her I liked the way that she started out by trying things that they thought she ought to try but gained enough confidence in herself to start going after things she wanted to do I liked the way that each adventure showed Georgia something else about herself that added to her emerging confidence I also enjoyed the developing relationship with Zander They started out very professional but the things they did together the the lines blurred Georgia also started to see past the walls that Zander kept up to keep people at a distance and to fall for the man behind those walls I liked the way she started trying to get to him Her belly dancing lesson was fantastic and I loved the description of what she did Zander was an interesting guy I loved the empathy he showed Georgia immediately after the radio fiasco when he helped her get out of the building Besides needing to save his job by rescuing the radio promotion he also wanted to help Georgia get through this experience Having suffered a similar humiliation he had a great deal of sympathy for her He coped by shutting down emotionally and not allowing anyone to get close to him He works longs hours and spends his free time doing long distance running He doesn t expect to find his time with Georgia starting to chip away at those walls When Georgia shows up at one of his races he is stunned and doesn t know uite what to do He also finds that his attraction to her gets a little out of hand which scares him into withdrawing again He also finds that he can t forget the feelings she has stirred up but is still afraid to risk himself againI loved seeing how over the course of the year both Georgia and Zander learned about each other and themselves I liked the fact that it was Georgia who had the courage to be the first to go after what she wanted and risk it all I really loved Zander s big moment at the end and how he finally had the courage to go after what he really wanted

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characters How to Get Over Your Ex ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Being rejected is one thing Being rejected live on radio takes it to a whole new levelAfter her on air proposal is turned down by her commitment phobe boyfriend Georgia Stone must learn to survive singled. It dawned on her in realisation as blazing as Cappadocia s sunrise that her way just wouldn t include Zander Rush He d come into her life bearing the gifts she needed to find herself again Perhaps his cosmic role was now complete and the last twenty four hours were just the most amazing swansong Lessons on love and living are plentiful in a romance novel that teaches female readers the importance of self loveTrue this book projects the image of romantic love from its cutesy book cover to its chick flick movie worthy title But looks can be deceiving How To Get Over Your Ex should be re named How To Stop Letting Men Rule Your Life or How To Start Living Your Life Anew Either of those would better express the uniue angle on romance this book has to offerBecause as this book points out how can we begin to love others and establish lasting relationships without first knowing and loving who we are Our female protagonist starts off on rocky ground unsure loveless saddened And I ll admit I thought the general storyline to be a little cheesy at first But it gradually built up to become something much rawer than I expected The female protagonist Georgia ends up realising who she is and importantly what she wants And in that typical NAYA scene where the guy begs for her to give him a chance Georgia shines She stands up and refuses to back down She had standards dreams desires And she isn t letting him steamroller over her George I m not negotiating Zander I m explaining I m telling you why I m choosing nothing because everything is not on the cards with you The ending was slightly predictable But hey I can appreciate a happy ending just as much as the next female I m just glad that Georgia got her happy ending on her own terms She didn t cave She didn t change herself to win the guy She didn t wallow She thrived and won what she wanted how she wanted it So if you ve got an ex book boyfriend or you know a real ex boyfriendor you just want to experience a great book I recommend taking a look at How To Get Over Your Ex Hopefully you ll find it just as refreshing as I did

review ñ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB × Nikki Logan

characters How to Get Over Your Ex ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Om Unfortunately thanks to a clause in her contract she has to do it under the watchful gaze of brooding radio producer Zander RushAnd so begins the Year of Georgia Lurching from salsa classes to spy scho. Georgia accepts a contract to propose to her boyfriend over the radio and they will cover the lead up and wedding for the next year Her boyfriend refuses and as Georgia is running out of the station in embarrassment the manager of the station hides her and helps her out Since there will be no wedding the contract is changed to follow Georgia for the next year as she reinvents herself and overcomes her failed relationship Zander follows her for a year while she travels takes belly dancing lessons amongst other things The writing is cute It was a very easy and uick read I just found it a bit lacking in depth Georgia does grow a bit as a character as does Zander but there was just something missing It was still a good fluffy early summer read

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