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Dead Aim Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook R and becomes obsessed with discovering why He hires detective Lydia Marks to uncover the secrets of this stranger's life and what they learn propels them into a terrifying world of sinister secrets and deadly hatredsTargeting Mallon i. I used to admire Thomas Perry I thought he did person in jeopardy novels better than anybody else with the innocent protagonist managing to make things right against overwhelming deadly odds This one written in 2002 didn t measure up I m not spoiling when I say that the plot is driven by an ex mercenary soldier who has set up a camp where he trains wealthy people the only kind who can afford his fees to hunt and kill other people The body count is very high The innocent hero becomes a target The rest of the plot pretty much seems to be on railroad tracks and it ends up at the station right on time Perry s uninvolved and indifferent tone never varies regardless of whether he s describing a hunt for a human a fancy dinner a police interrogation or sex The action never slows down or speeds up Michael Parish had been observing and evaluating over the past three days That is what all the main characters do observe and evaluate incessantly some successfully than others The biggest surprise for me was when this is not a spoiler one of the trained killers is first described this way She was about thirty and small with dark curly hair and very white skin and a compact body that looked as though she had done some gymnastics when she was young Her face was pretty I thought I had the picture but then she is later described from the point of view of the hero Her features seemed to be slightly exaggerated she was short and had wide hips and large breasts and her face had a wide mouth with full lips and big eyes I didn t realize at first that it was the same woman but it was

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Dead Aim Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook S the master hunter Parish a man with an expert understanding of evil who preys on rich people's desires for dominance and revenge Mallon is drawn into a lethal struggle with this deadly adversary and then another and another and anoth. Four and a half really Love Thos Perry love his hit man stories love his characters who are not superheroes or gorgeous dames but who get confused and make bad choices This story suffered a little when the everyman main character who was bumbling along for most of the book does turn into a superhero with prescient instincts in the showdown at the end Story main character rescues a drowning woman who is trying to die and succeeds shortly thereafter He has the money to indulge his curiosity and mounts an investigation into her circumstances making himself a target for a whole school of hitmen

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Dead Aim Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Robert Mallon has lived for ten uiet years in affluent Santa Barbara California when an encounter on a beach with a mysterious young woman shatters his peaceful carefully constructed life Despite Mallon's desperate attempts he loses he. I m currently on a roll reading books by Thomas Perry I thoroughly enjoyed DEAD AIM I like his books with people plots much better than those that involve the Mafia

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