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I Fucked the Puppet Read ¾ 107 Download â eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB » Fannie Tucker Ning Explicit sexual content Puppet sex bondage domination and a big green monster who knows how to please a woman 4000 words. My Oh MyWhy should I be surprised by anything I read with a title and book cover like this Did it misrepresent itself in any way No Did I learn of this fine tome from New Yorker Magazine or from a Goodreads group titled Sexxy Monsters Where else can the evidence a H s pleasure be comparable with glittery liuid Skittles This short story tells the tale of a real man size puppet on strings named Dongo star of his own popular children s TV show and a back up dancer After hours they find themselves entangled in a little you know puppet sex Green hairy delight ensuesTechnically the story is written well It is not loaded with careless errors If you like your erotic short stories with tongue firmly implanted in cheek this book is your one stop read

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I Fucked the Puppet

I Fucked the Puppet Read ¾ 107 Download â eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB » Fannie Tucker Aspiring ballerina Emily doesn't like her job as a backup dancer on the Dongo the Puppet show When she stays late to get a wa. Finally I m enjoying a re read of one of my favorite monster sex booksThis book was a joy to read because it was funny than erotic It was also my first Monster Sex book I loved Dongo the puppet and his crazy eyes that would roll around frantically when he was excited I all out laughed at his comments and loved how every thing he said rhymed You dance like a magical fairy Between you boobs my face I ll bury This is the only face I ve got I d like to bury it in your twat It s not what I am or where I m from but just how much I can make you come Warning Choking Hazard Do not read while eating or drinking Laughing with a full mouth is bad for your health

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I Fucked the Puppet Read ¾ 107 Download â eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB » Fannie Tucker Rdrobe malfunction repaired Dongo catches her ballet dancing and Emily finds out what it's like to dance on puppet stringsWar. For this week s Weird Shit Wednesday read we have ventured into the land of the puppetsAnd yes it is as awful as it sounds A real life big hairy puppetAnd of course the stupid woman who wants nothing than to be fucked by this puppet I felt my resolve melting away beneath the puppet s touch he knew how to please a woman but part of my brain rejected the idea that Dongo the Puppet not the actor in a costume but the character himself was trying to fuck me His monster cock bobbed to the same jaunty rhythm as his body and he urged it closer to my face Well it s not every day you get to fuck an imaginary puppet may as well give him head Dongo the puppet only talks in rhyme Now now girl don t be fussy Dongo s hungry for your pussy How romanticMy overall feelings about this bookI m not sure I enjoyed this one for its weirdness It was weird that s for sure But Dongo got on my nerves he was one sick puppet

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