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Read & Download The Thread 104 Seus avós e pela primeira vez apercebe se de ue tem uma decisão a tomar Durante muitas décadas os seus avós foram os guardiÔes das memórias e dos tesouros das pessoas ue foram forçadas a abandonar a cidade Serå ue estå na altura de ele assumir esse papel e fazer dauela cidade a sua ca I read Hislop s latest around X mas in the uiet of the night Very promising at first but the novel is so plot driven it is infuriating No character development many inconsistencies in the plot some bad Greek she should have asked her Greek friends to proofread I kept reading because the main part of the plot happens during World War II in Thessaloniki my home town and that was such a dramatic time for the city To be fair her descriptions are good and memorable But the book could have been so much better

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Read & Download The Thread 104 Tessalonica 1917 No dia em ue Dimitri Komninos nasce um incĂȘndio devastador varre a prĂłspera cidade grega onde cristĂŁos judeus e muçulmanos vivem lado a lado Cinco anos mais tarde a casa de Katerina Sarafoglou na Ásia Menor Ă© destruĂ­da pelo exĂ©rcito turco No meio do caos Katerina perde On the surface this melodramatic historical novel sounds appealing and interesting When I heard the book was set in Thessaloniki the town of my great grandmother and that it dealt with Jewish and Sephardic heritage I was intriguedHowever after 50 pages or so the book s weaknesses started to outperform its strengths Hislop s writing is very mediocre When she wants to compare something or show a contrasting situation she inevitably uses a simple metaphor to get the point across The dialogue was simple and corny Her characters were completely flat Good or bad evil or moral Poor or rich There was no in between and very little gray area As others have mentioned the rich were generally seen as corrupt and unsympathetic while the poor were honest hardworking and lovingThere were also inconsistencies within the novel In one sentence she writes that it was almost impossible to get lost in the city and 4 pages later Eugenia gets lost and finds the little churchAny emotions or feelings the characters had was told rather than shown and sometimes neither Thus it was very hard to identify with them While the history of the city and Greece as a whole was something new and informative the author was inconsistent again some major events took up several chapters while others were glossed over in a few paragraphs It was too obvious she was simply interested in using the events to interweave the characters livesMediocre

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Read & Download The Thread 104 A mãe e embarca para um destino desconhecido na Grécia Não tarda muito para ue a sua vida se entrelace com a de Dimitri e com a história da própria cidade enuanto guerras medos e perseguiçÔes começam a dividir o seu povo Tessalonica 2007 Um jovem anglo grego ouve a história de vida dos I was reluctant to ready this book Why Well I have read a lot of books about this era of Greek history but other than Louis de Bernieres never one written by a British authorMy wife had bought me a copy for Christmas and I had put it under the bed dismissing it as a middle class British woman s attempt to imagine a subject she can t possibly know that well But I picked it up again when people started talking to me about it I was wrong and I am glad I persevered Hislop knows Greece well This is a very moving story of a Greek family being thrown out of Asia Minor and arriving in Salonica to live alongside Muslim and Jewish neighbours set against the backdrop of the torrid and very tragic history of Greece and particularly Salonica through the 20th century It s the first time as far as I know that this subject matter has been written about by a popular British author The story itself is tragic and simultaneously beautiful My only criticism is that in her rush to go through all the eras of 20th century Greek history a subject she understands very well Hislop at times fails to develop the characters sufficiently and some of the plot lines blend into an easy outcome at times And there are a few mistakes in the book like using the male ending for one of the female characters names throughout the book But otherwise this is a very good piece of writing one which will move you teach you about an era of Greek history which is not widely known or understood and give you some insights as to why Greece is going through the problems it is going through today I like it when someone proves me wrong A surprisingly good read and highly recommended

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