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  • Hardcover
  • 32
  • And the Tide Comes In
  • Merryl Alber
  • English
  • 15 March 2017
  • 9780981770055

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READ & DOWNLOAD Ü And the Tide Comes In He edge of a creek Representative of intertidal marshes throughout the world the Georgia coastal salt marsh described in this book is typically shared by both land and marine mammals presenting a uniue ecosystem at the water's ed. Made me want to immediately see if there are salt marshes around Westport

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READ & DOWNLOAD Ü And the Tide Comes In This book is a narrative told from the point of view of a young girl who is showing her visiting cousin a Georgia coastal salt marsh The children visit the marsh every day for four days slowly building their knowledge of the ecos. And the Tide Comes in Exploring a Georgia Salt Marsh is nice resource for students and educators when teaching about Salt Marshes and how the animals are adapted to live there Typically in 6th grade when covering Earth Science The information along with the illustrations are very detailed The only problem and to me it was a big issue was the layout of the text The story was suished together with no separation for dialog or shifting in thought making it unnecessarily confusing at times The story is a bit long for one read aloud as well so breaking up into a couple reads would be better


READ & DOWNLOAD Ü And the Tide Comes In Ystem As they make their way through the tall marsh grass the two children slip and slide on marsh mud discover clusters of ribbed mussels at the base of the grass and watch as fiddler crabs skitter from burrow to burrow around t. Through the visit of a cousin from Colorado to the marshes of Georgia we learn about the uniue ecosystem of a salt marsh Considering we visit Daufuskie Island every other year this book made me ready to hop in the car and travel there all over again