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The Greatest Gift characters ó 7 Few films have become a part of the fabric of American life as much as Frank Capra's classic It's a Wonderful Life Every Christmas Americans reopen their hearts to Jimmy Stewart and his journey through Bedford Falls Yet few of us know that the movie was based on The Greatest Gift a short story by Philip Van Doren Ster. 4 stars for this 1943 short story and an extra half star for its having inspired one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time It s a Wonderful Life the great movie directed by Frank Capra and starring Jimmy Stewart Other men are leading exciting lives but I well I m just a small town bank clerk I never did anything really useful or interesting and it looks as if I never will I might just as well be dead Sometimes I wish I were In fact I wish I d never been born George Pratt is staring into the dark waters of the river on Christmas Eve depressed about his failure of a life when he s met by an older man who mysteriously grants his wish The man sends George off with a sales bag full of brushes like the old Fuller Brush door to door salesmen to see what his town and family are like now that George has never been bornIf you re familiar with the movie it s kind of a bare bones version of that but a lot of the story and the heart and spirit of it are here in this 75 year old story It s worth reading Free online here at TorcomMerry Christmas to allBonus materialPer TorcomWhen he found himself unable to find a publisher for his story author Philip Van Doren Stern printed up copies of the The Greatest Gift and gave them out as Christmas cards in 1943 Eventually the story came to the attention of director Frank Capra who explained later It was the story I had been looking for all my life A good man ambitious But so busy helping others life seems to pass him byThrough the eyes of a guardian angel he sees the world as it would have been had he not been bornThe movie It s a Wonderful Life was initially not a success despite its star and director It was uickly forgotten so much so that the movie s copyright wasn t renewed in the 70s under the old copyright laws renewal was reuired after 28 years so it was considered to be in the public domain for many years That led to its being shown on TV so often because FREE that this all but forgotten movie became extremely popular When that happened the movie s studio owner started enforcing the copyright of the movie s music and the underlying story this story here which the studio bought the copyright for So basically they back doored the copyright protection Here s an article on it

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The Greatest Gift characters ó 7 N privately printed as a Christmas card to the author's friends in 1943 This deluxe edition of The Greatest Gift marks the fiftieth anniversary of the release of It's a Wonderful Life Delighted readers will immediately recognize George Bailey from the movie together with the guardian angel the snowy scene on the bridg. I love Frank Capra s It a Wonderful Life and was happy to read the very short story that started it all The short story and the movie have differences but the basic story line and the meaning ring true It was interesting to read the story and see the difference which any fan of the movie would truly enjoy The Afterword by Philip Can Doren Stern s daughter is interesting regarding the conception of the story and how it came to Capra The book is really good but the movie takes it up another level This is the first time IMO the movie out does the book but the book was a much needed ingredient in the movie and without this basic story there would be no George Bailey Looking at the story as if the movie had not been made it was a great little read with a big heart to itLux Radio Theater versionhttpswwwoldtimeradiodownloadscom

characters Ï eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Philip Van Doren Stern

The Greatest Gift characters ó 7 E and Bedford Falls and will identify with George's realization that life is a gift and every individual indispensable Specially commissioned artwork illustrates scenes from The Greatest Gift and an afterword by the author's daughter Marguerite Stern Robinson reveals how this enchanting story inspired the beloved movi. The basis of the Capra classic It s a Wonderful Life The story was published in a magazine and is too short for the character development and world building that the movie is so good at and the supernatural element is much pronounced and better explained in the movie The story is still well worth your time and barely takes any to read

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