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FREE READ ò Druids By Morgan Llywelyn Gaul Ainvar's talents would lead him to master the druid mysteries of thought healing and magic And with his frie. On a whim I bought this book at the Goodwill Store seeing the author s name and knowing her reputation I was uite pleased with my purchase and I really enjoyed this story I was impressed how Ms Llywelyn took what scant information there is on the Druids added her own literary license and combined them into a plausible recreation of Druidic practices and beliefs The Chief Druid of the Carnutes in Gaul recognizes that a young orphan boy Ainvar has a druidic gift within him and wants to fan it into flame He and the other Druids teach Ainvar Druid lore Ainvar becomes Chief Druid after years of study He becomes soulfriend to Vercingetorix of the Arverni after their manhood ceremony together at fifteen The druids

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FREE READ ò Druids By Morgan Llywelyn An exciting reimagining of the ancient Celts young Ainvar is an orphan taken by the chief druid of the Carnutes in. Ainvar is a young Celt of the tribe of the Carnutes He has always been fascinated by the druids of his clan those wise men who know earth magic and are responsible for so many of the important moments of life for the Celts in Free Gaul One night he slips away to watch a ceremony in which the druids hope to end the harsh winter which has been dragging on longer than normal What Ainvar does not know is that his grandmother his only living relative is to play an important part in this ceremony In his ignorance Ainvar intervenes and what happens when he does causes the chief druid Menua to take the boy into his lodge and begin training him as a druidWe don t really know all that much about the early Celts They h

REVIEW ↠ DDTUST-UDA.RU ´ Morgan Llywelyn

FREE READ ò Druids By Morgan Llywelyn Nd the warrior king they would attempt to rally the splintered Celtic tribes against the encroaching might of Rome. The rituals that made me a little sueamish just because it s me aside I adored this book Listening to the main character a druid talk about nature and the earth and the connectedness of it all was just what I needed I had been missing that You don t hear alot of natural balance talk in this townI had this in the back of my mind as one to read for a bit and I m glad I finally took the plunge and read it I know only bits and pieces of druid lore mostly from movies and other books but I loved the historical setting of this novel pre Roman conuestThe characters were all well developed I thought and had failings which I always appreciate Those too perfect people in some books make me a little nauseated and I alwa

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