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Druids Author Morgan Llywelyn

Read  Druids Author Morgan Llywelyn 102 An exciting reimagining of the ancient Celts young Ainvar is an orphan taken by the chief druid of the Carnutes in. Walking through a used bookstore I noticed the name Morgan Llywelyn on a 1 book I knew the name and saw on goodreads that it had gotten roughly 4 stars so I thought I d pick it up and add it to my Roman themed reading list A semi historical fiction novel about the Gauls in the time of Julius Caesar Druids tells the story of Vercingetorix s friends Ainvar the Chief Druid at the timeAinvar is a total asshole And I don t just mean that in a contemporary morality kind of way he is repeatedly shown to be an asshole in the context of his morality system spoiler take for instance his cuckolding of his best friend just because he was horny Oh I mean he needed sex magic Not that there are ever any conseuences for these actions other characters are just there to be used by him He also is kind of an idiot He s supposed to be super smart but he keeps confidently making predictions that turn out WRONG giving suggestions that a dumb etc etcOK so the main character isn t great What about the story Well it is kind of kind of the story of Vercingetorix s Gaulish confederacy but it s about Ainvar the Druid and how Awesome he supposedly is and how many women he has As great as it is to see the parts about The Druid Llywelyn goes a bit over the top in making these people sound like the spiritually perfect savagesEven worse the final section of the fight against Caesar is just terrible It reads like a list of battles which isn t very fun to read And some of the greatest battles where some pretty amazing things happen Caesar s siege of Alesia which are ripe for explication and description are left underexplainedIt s disappointing because at first the book seemed like it had a lot of potential but it all got wasted

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Read  Druids Author Morgan Llywelyn 102 Gaul Ainvar's talents would lead him to master the druid mysteries of thought healing and magic And with his frie. This is one of my favorite books by Morgan Llywelyn especially because it presents the untold perspective of the Gauls facing the invasion of Caesar Llewelyn does a superb job of combining historical fact into the story without making it a dry read which is proof why she is one of the master s of Celtic fiction She also does an excellent job of showing the human sides of the larger than life characters Ainvar and Vercingetorix who share a spiritual friendship often characterized by conflict and opposing views in the real world of stopping Caesar Two small complaints against this book which can be attributed to literary license Llywelyn s incorrect etymologies for names for example Vercingetorix as king of the world and her use of Irish names instead of Gaulish names for some of the characters But despite these two personal pet peeves a very well written and masterful tale full of magic hope determination and ultimately loss

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Read  Druids Author Morgan Llywelyn 102 Nd the warrior king they would attempt to rally the splintered Celtic tribes against the encroaching might of Rome. According to the great Wiki A druid was a member of the priestly class in Britain Ireland and Gaul and possibly other parts of Celtic western Europe during the Iron Age Very little is currently known about the ancient druids because they left no written accounts about themselves and the only evidence of them is a few descriptions left by Greek and Roman authors and stories created by later medieval Irish writers While archaeological evidence has been uncovered pertaining to the religious practices of the Iron Age people not one single artefact or image has been unearthed that can undoubtedly be connected with the ancient Druids Various recurring themes emerge in a number of the Greco Roman accounts of the druids including that they performed human sacrifice believed in a form of reincarnation and that they held a high position in Gaulish society Next to nothing is known about their cultic practice except for the ritual of oak and mistletoe as described by Pliny the Elder With this information in mind little as it is the author wrote a wonderfully compelling tale about the Roman invasion of the Gaul lands This area encompassed today s France Luxembourg and Belgium most of Switzerland the western part of Northern Italy as well as the parts of the Netherlands and Germany on the left bank of the Rhine Llywelyn created Druid characters and Gaul personalities who war to repel the invading Romans The tribes the author uses are listed among the Gaul tribes Prince Vercingetorix was a real leader who united the tribes to war against the Romans The story is embellished in a wonderful way by the author as he details the battles the Druid influence and includes family and friendship connections I truly enjoyed this read as I knew little about the Druids and the Gauls prior to reading this novel Well done