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Esmeralda Greene Ö 7 Download The Greene Shorts Bestiality Collection; Volume 1 characters ´ 107 Joyful sex with some lucky animals is the theme in each of the five sizzling hot tales in this volume of Greene Shorts short stories from erotica writer Esmeralda Greene Four of these stories have been previously released individually and one is all new unavailable anywhere else The stories are1 Great With Child Maisey is a farm girl who's very pregnant and very horny When her husband leaves early one morning without taking care of her needs she soon finds herself driven to distraction Luckily she has the farm animals for company2 Mom and Muttly Mother son incest and bestia I think with hindsight and something said a few minutes ago by another GR member i now need to review my review I know it s taboo illegal and many don t stock such stories including However it was rated 5 star by a GR s friend and same day when looking on Kobo for a vet book re my daughter s catthis was flagged probably to do with other things i purchase and on my library shelves My curiositywell you know the saying killed the cat Weird This is all about incest and bestialityI hope it is story not based on real animal abuse There again i would be angry if an animal were hit or left hungry and uncared for as that i see as the worst abuse Perhaps wrong or not right definitely deviating from what are deemed normal practices rather than abusebut here i am deliberating moral or immoral acceptable or unacceptable based on a story something created by a mind These are a series of short stories suited to some of the readers in the Depraved Minds Club I hope they will be smiling at this comment Now although I DON T condone real animal abuse people who know me also know that I am also against censorship People should be allowed freedom to write and readers should decide whether to read the subject matter or not Individual choice I read of incest pseudo incest doesn t mean I agree with it in daily life for most yet I know of an instance where a brother and sister lived together happily and no one the wiser until they died They were kind inoffensive people who until their deaths had been respected in the community when the fact of brother and sister living as married couple sharing the same bed became known had they been alive I expect that disgusted and disgusting community would have stoned them so much for humans and moralityTruth was I laughed at the scene where the vet is shocked to see the woman he is attracted to attached to her pet and asking for help It uestioned my morality and double standards No I wouldn t want to try it yes I was curious or I wouldn t have bought it In future I won t go out of my way to buy to test my curiosity but if events occur in a story ces t la vie uality of the English writing structure and character development is around the two three star and has been edited I show three star but it is borderline

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The Greene Shorts Bestiality Collection; Volume 1

Esmeralda Greene Ö 7 Download The Greene Shorts Bestiality Collection; Volume 1 characters ´ 107 Er and her brother They each learn about her special relationship with her dog and her lust for each of them as well5 Auntie's Horses This story is available only in this volume When siblings Eric and Sylvia visit their aunt's farm they soon find that their incestuous relationship is even fun when one of their auntie's horses joins in and makes it a three way And soon their mother and their aunt are making a similar discoveryThis is Esmeralda Greene's first collection of entirely bestiality themed short stories None of these stories have been released in a collection before I actually uite enjoyed these silly stories They are better written than some other stuff I read Just d omec of the incest was a little much Lol not the beastiality though How funny I loved Masie s story and the vet story too There us content in all the stories Characters i liked And some were just funny I recommend this read for one of the better short story collection of very very taboo things

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Esmeralda Greene Ö 7 Download The Greene Shorts Bestiality Collection; Volume 1 characters ´ 107 Lity join forces in this tale When Kyle catches his mother in a compromising position with the family dog his long simmering lust for her boils over But does his mother share his incestuous desire3 The Dog Upstairs As a veterinarian John has seen a lot of pets and their owners But when his beautiful upstairs neighbor phones him about a sort of a problem with her Dalmatian he soon finds himself embarking on the wildest sexual adventure of his life4 Mary and Joseph In another tale of incest and doggy sex Mary is a college student who's got some surprises in store for her fath Reviewing for the author This was an interesting book to say the least It consisted of ALOT of incest and females having sex with animals I learned a lot of things I didn t know about animals lol It had a lot of funny scenes and a lot of gross scenes If you are easily offended this book isn t for you Overall the writing got better with every story and each story got eccentric and taboo I give it a 3 12 stars