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  • Finding Magic
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  • 06 August 2019
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Finding Magic

Read ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Î Stacia Kane Stacia Kane Î 6 Download Free download Finding Magic Nding Magic a grisly ghost murder becomes Chess’s baptism of fire   When eighteen year old Chess Putnam is offered the chance to train with a special team of investigators known as the Black Suad she feels torn She’s never been a team player and hates how one male Inuisitor condescends to “the new kid” But at her first bloody crime scene she gets a taste for investigation and is hooked on the high Though the. This review was originally posted at Vampire Book ClubOne of the reasons I recommend Stacia Kane s Downside Ghosts books so often is the remarkable character development Heroine Chess has hard edges deep seated issues and a big problem with seeing herself as valuable While Kane provided insight into Chess past in Sacrificial Magic this new preuel novella lets us to see what Chess was like beforeNot before the damage that pushed her to chemical dependency But before the pills Before the autonomy of living in Downside Before love Eighteen year old Chess is still working hard to prove herself worthy of being a part of the Church of Real Truth She agrees to do a week of job shadowing with the Black Suad not because she wants to be one of their elitist club but because she s frightened saying no will land her ass back in foster care That she could lose it allThe pressure of the job and the case she works to help solve while earning her dirty looks and nasty comments from the Black Suad team pushes her toward familiar coping mechanisms Kane manages to help fans of the Downside series understand Chess a bit by giving us this vulnerable view into her youthAlso there are ghosts bitches getting in her way reference to old religions and sex magic Expect a trip or two to the City of Eternity in this one And yes it still skeeves me outThis uick read is great way to get insight into Chess before diving into Chasing Magic on June 26

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Read ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Î Stacia Kane Stacia Kane Î 6 Download Free download Finding Magic Karen Marie Moning has called Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts series “dark sexy urban fantasy at its finest” Now in this breathtakingly suspenseful eBook novella Kane has written a preuel to her thrilling series Before Chess Putnam was a magic wielding Churchwitch she was a student in the Church of Real Truth with a keen sensitivity to magic a strong rebellious streak and a penchant for self destruction And in Fi. The Downside Ghosts series is my favorite Not just of books my overall favorite thing in life that may be a tiny exaggeration So you know I liked this novellaIt is a little peek into Chess life during schooling and training That poor girl can t catch a break Her very first day of training she gets to see 2 bodies strewn about a living room That s enough to make anyone re think their career choice But she has something to prove not just to herself but to the world And she isn t about to let blood and guts and arms and legs stop herIt is a fascinating look into her downward spiral into drugs and self loathing Following her into The City for the first time as she discovers it isn t what she thought it would be was probably her biggest motivator to not give up when she thought she was going to die That realization that death was not an escape is what makes her stronger and gives her to will to fight through each day not matter what happens Not just in this book but in all her stories I was a bit surprised she was not as self destructive as I had imagined her at that ageEven though this is a preuel I would not recommend reading this until after reading at least the first two Unholy Ghosts Downside Ghosts and Unholy Magic Downside as I don t think it would have as much meaning unless you already knew ChessThe only reason this doesn t get 5 stars is because we don t really get to see Terrible I mean we shouldn t not at this point in her life but since he is my book husband yes we are married back off I want any glimpse into that world to include him

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Read ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Î Stacia Kane Stacia Kane Î 6 Download Free download Finding Magic Seasoned Inuisitors consider the series of ghost murders random events Chess starts to detect a pattern Is a psycho killer summoning ghosts from the City of Eternity and using them as murder weapons As Chess gets closer to the dark truth she puts herself in grave danger and risks losing everything she’s fought so hard for   Includes a special preview of Stacia Kane’s upcoming urban fantasy thriller Chasing Magi. This is a pretty dark novella Gritty Chess is a girl abandoned at a very young age and raised by The Church but this is not any church you or I have been to Her past is traumatic she has very little sense of self worth She drinks and gets high to deal with the life she is struggling through And she s 18 But Chess is smart Street smart yes but with an inner intelligence that not everyone has She s on the cusp of adulthood and she s scared but she s smart enough to know it She takes risks She hides very well And all of this she has experienced comes into play when she is tested by events happening around her and she is forced to rely on those wits to not only save her life but the life of a trainer that doesn t really give two shits about her Was this a perfect read No But I grew attached to the sadness inside Chess and I want her to succeed when those around her expect her to fail Hopefully the next book will show us something brighter for her