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Antonio Tabucchi º 7 Summary Review æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB º Antonio Tabucchi Read í Sostiene Pereira ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Lisboa 1938 Bajo la opresiva dictadura de Salazar el furor de la guerra civil espanola llamando a la puerta y el fascismo italiano de fondo Pereira un periodista dedicado a la seccion de sucesos recib. Reasons of the HeartGiving unto Caesar is considered by most Christians to be a strict reuirement of citizenship From the payment of taxes to the offering of one s life in patriotic war one is expected to conform as a Christian duty Established government appears to be divinely sanctioned by the biblical command After all Christianity stands for orderliness in the universe Social chaos is by definition evil And isn t salvation a purely personal matterMartin Luther for example divided the world cleanly in two In his interpretation the spiritual had nothing at all to do with the political Modern Evangelicals still view existing law as God given unless of course they take offence at it But mostly middle class Christians simply accept the inevitability of government and its policies and they adopt an attitude of impotent indifference to the resulting suffering usually by the less well off and non Christians Commonly they claim to do so in the name of Christianity itselfSo it was in Salazar s Portugal during the 1930 s as it was in most of contemporary Europe Fear and hypocrisy combined to create political acceptance even among those who found its oppressive fascism most distasteful And so is it now in Trumpist America Christianity seems to have a natural affinity with monarchs dictators and anyone else who can consolidate power in its Christianity s interest Occasionally however someone usually a non Christian provokes the dormant conscience of the Christian psyche Pereira Maintains is the story of such a provocation and its conseuencesChristian conscience can be a strange thing The eponymous Pereira feels uncomfortable with the political condition of his country and he wanted to repent but didn t know what he had to repent of he only felt a yearning for repentance as such surely that s what he meant or perhaps who knows he simply liked the idea of repentance Repentance like salvation is a personal thing without social implications The resolution of Pereira s discomfort he thinks is confession and counsel Political involvement is unthinkablePereira is drawn to memory mainly the reminiscence of his deceased wife But generally he is motivated by the memory of how things used to be the familiar orderliness of past life Unable to live in the past he ignores the reality of the present except within the limited sphere of his own ego his digestion poor the weather hot his job as a journalist satisfying the maintenance of his social isolation from potential threats mainly the government and its network of informers Pereira fervently believes in and desires the resurrection of his soul but not his body The later of course is inherently social and dependent upon other human beings This is hardly an orthodox opinion but it is necessary in order to maintain his detachment from the world What he finds however is that the slightest human contact is political It can t be helped His soul is part of a confederation over which he has no real control and whose connections are matters of the collective heart not the individual will Even mere translation of long dead authors establishes such a bond that is politically dangerousThe entire story is told in the form of a judicial deposition or police interrogation report as suggested by the title It is a narrative prepared by an intermediary ready perhaps for confirmation by the person who has been uestioned The central point of this narrative is stated early on Philosophy appears to concern itself only with the truth but perhaps expresses only fantasies while literature appears to concern itself only with fantasies but perhaps it expresses the truth What s wanting then is only a signature admitting this crime of recognition

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Antonio Tabucchi º 7 Summary Review æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB º Antonio Tabucchi Read í Sostiene Pereira ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ablece entre el viejo periodista Monteiro y su novia Marta cristalizara en una crisis personal una maduracion interior y una dolorosa toma de conciencia ue transformara profundamente la vida de Pereir. UPDTAED 2013 August 28th Translated from Catalan to EnglishWhen a book makes you thinkDisguised as an endearing story sweet and juicy as a ripe summer peach Sostiene Pereira is a novel that will remain in your thoughts for some time after you ve turned the last pagePereira is an unusual hero an overweight man of advanced age a lonely widower whose dreams he never reveals a man who talks to the portrait of his deceased wife Pereira works as head of the Cultural Section in the local newspaper Lisboa at the period of increasing oppression of the Salazar regime in the Portugal of the late 30s and despite the obvious internal repression in fascist Europe he is not interested in politicsPereira is na ve or maybe he wants to be He doesn t want to know what the real situation in Lisbon is like he devotes his own life to literature and he feels contented eating his omelettes aux fines herbs in the bar below the editorial where he works His life is uncomplicated and easy goingBut his peace of mind starts to change when he meets Mario Rossi and his girlfriend Marta a young couple who start talking about terms like justice or revolution Pereira finds himself unwittingly or willingly involved with the young couple and starts helping them triggering a series of symbolic events which make him rethink his entire existence and put his sense of justice to the limitTabbuchi masters the language in order to evoke the atmosphere of Lisbon in the 30s he writes in a beautiful and simple prose making it impossible to stop reading once you ve startedDespite it being a short novel the story evolves at a pace that allows you to enjoy the smallest of details a swim in the open ocean during a scorching day in August a disturbing encounter on a train chats about health and literature with a surprisingly open minded Psychologist evoking memories of the sanatorium in The Magic Mountain by Thomas MannThis novel is about life death and what we do during the time we have been grantedAnd the lesson it is never too late to open your eyes and be courageous and start acting to actually change thingsExciting and melancholicIt s a book like this one which makes of literature a life changing experience uan un llibre et fa pensarDisfressada d hist ria entranyable dol a i sucosa com un pr ssec a ple estiu Sostiene Pereira s una novel la ue t acompanyar durant uns uants dies un cop hagis girat l ltima p ginaEn Pereira s un heroi ins lit un senyor d avan ada edat amb sobrep s un vidu solitari ue t somnis ue mai explica i ue parla amb el retrat de la seva esposa ue treballa com a cap de la secci cultural del Lisboa durant l poca de creixent opressi del r gim de Salazar a la Portugal de finals dels anys 30 i tot i l obvietat de la repressi interna i de l Europa feixista en Pereira no est interessat en pol ticaEn Pereira s innocent o vol ser ho No vol saber uina s la situaci real a Lisboa la seva vida s la literatura i les seves truites a les fines herbes del bar de sota la redacci Tanmateix la seva perspectiva comen a a canviar uan coneix en Mario Rossi i la seva n via Marta els uals comencen a parlar de termes com just cia i revoluci En Pereira es troba ajudant la parella sense voler ho o volent ho i una s rie de fets simb lics fan ue es replantegi tota la seva exist ncia i ue s impliui fins a l mits insospitatsEl llenguatge ue utilitza Tabbuchi s ideal per evocar l atmosfera de la Lisboa dels anys 30 escrit amb una prosa preciosa i senzilla fa ue sigui impossible deixar lo un cop l has comen at Tot i ser una novel la curta la hist ria evoluciona a un ritme ue et permet assaborir els petits detalls un bany a mar obert durant un dia calor s d Agost un encontre inuietant en un tren converses sobre la salut i la literatura amb un psic leg de mentalitat sorprenentment oberta evocant certs records del sanatori de la Muntanya M gica de Thomas Mann La vida la mort i u fem durant el temps ue ens ha estat conceditI la lli mai s tard per obrir els ulls i per ser valent i actuarEmocionant i melanc licaAix s literatura aix d na gust llegir

Antonio Tabucchi º 7 Summary

Antonio Tabucchi º 7 Summary Review æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB º Antonio Tabucchi Read í Sostiene Pereira ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB E el encargo de dirigir la pagina cultural de un mediocre periodico Necesitado de un colaborador contacta con Monteiro Rossi joven ineuivocamente comprometido con la vida La intensa relacion ue se est. What a lovely piece of writing it is I really do not want to waste your time that you could devote to read the story itself so I ll try to be brief Like in The Reuiem the previous story by Tabucchi I ve read we are in scorching Lisbon again where a chubby mid aged journalist named Pereira every day talking with a photograph of his deceased wife thinks about death soul and resurrection of the body Accidentally having come across on an article written by Monteiro Rossi on impulse engages him to writing occasional obituaries of famous writers and poets happily still alive Pereira maintains that he just wants to be prepared in the event of their death Sounds crazyWritten in a specific form statement or maybe as the publisher suggests an interrogation with repetitive phrase Pereira maintains it is a beautiful and haunting tale about the man who at all costs is trying to avoid politics and troubles and at the same time remain decent man It s also a tribute to the brave man ready to risk own life to protest against the evil and power of an insane ideology the thing is going on in 1938 in the shadow of Nazi activities in Spain and ItalySomething in Rossi maybe some memory of himself as a young man makes Pereira start to help him But does he finally perform his awakening does his divided soul find the ruling element Just read it

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