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Darlene Marshall ☆ 4 Free download Summary á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Darlene Marshall Read & Download Castaway Dreams Sense a most useful skill when putting together an ensemble This unlikely pair and Pompom will have to figure out how to survive together and may discover that each holds attractions not obvious at first or even second glance. Story Rating 4 StarsCharacter Rating 4 StarsRomance Rating 4 StarsHeat Level 3 StarsOverall Rating 4 StarsI really liked this story It kept me interested all the way through There was some LOL moments moments where I shed a tear or two and also some good action I loved that there was a lot of movement in this book Also the fact that the Hh were very honest with each other The characters were very original and I really liked both the Hh and lets not forget the whittle puppy wuppy POM POMThe Hh had plenty of time to get to know each other before they finally hit the sheets The love scenes where tastefully done but of course I wish there would have been hahahahahaThe ending was very pleasing with the Hero doing something out of his comfort zone to save the woman he loves It was very sigh worthyThis is the third book by Darlene Marshall I ve read and truly enjoyed You know I ll be buying as they are released

Summary á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Darlene MarshallCastaway Dreams

Darlene Marshall ☆ 4 Free download Summary á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Darlene Marshall Read & Download Castaway Dreams 2013 Aspen Gold Reader's Choice Award for Historical RomanceDesert Island Keeper All About Romance1817 Regency era romanceAfter a lifetime in the Royal Navy surgeon Alexander Murray finds himself castaway with brainless beauty. I read this one straight after Sea Change and I ll be honest everything I said about that one was absolutely true about this one also I absolutely loved it I m not going to just retype everything that I said then so here s my reviewA couple of things I realized or found that I really liked after reading these two books This author has the most amazing way of writing Her writing style word choice pacing is subtly tailored according to the characters in the book I honestly don t think I ve seen another author do it uite so well in a romance before Yes we get the internal dialogue stuff but this was cleverer than that and I LOVED it I normally HATE dizzy heroines Personally I have a real problem with dizzy people or people who spend rather a lot of their time worrying about their clothes or make up or appearance in general I just don t well get it Well this heroine is just like that but I found myself absolutely loving her This book demonstrates beautifully how people are multi faceted something which you really hardly ever see in a romance especially one selling for the great price of 560 How many people have hidden depths have skills you never see except in bizarre circumstances and yet how they can still retain the essence of themselves The heroine appears simple and she is but not in the way you expect and I really really liked her She would probably drive me crazy but I d still like herThe hero is also worth mentioning He s 35 going on 50 and I almost wept with joy that the author made him a greying taciturn highly intelligent Scot The hero and the heroine are just so sublimely suited that you know they are going to have a great marriage and be a great teamLoved it 5 stars You don t have to read Sea Change to appreciate this one

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Darlene Marshall ☆ 4 Free download Summary á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Darlene Marshall Read & Download Castaway Dreams Daphne Farnham and her fluffy little dog While the dog could be supper she’s useless Daphne can’t understand why the humorless surgeon doesn’t like her everyone likes her She’s beautiful rich and has excellent fashion. Castaway Dreams by Darlene MarshallYou know when you re looking for the perfect book to read Sort of like GoldilocksNot too hard not too softjustrightWell I needed a read that was light funny sweet romanticnot too angsty and intense not too much graphic gratuitous sex but with the perfect amount of emotional satisfactionI would have been satisfied with a B book I wasn t asking for muchBut instead I got a big whopping ACastaway Dreams is ridiculously adorable and pretty damned close to flawless in my opinion It has an excellent storyline fabulous characters spot on humor plenty of delicious and tastefully done sex scenes lots of wonderful emotional bonding fun banter and dialogue Just read the first paragraph from yesterday s post and you ll get a nice glimpse into Marshall s latest book It is beautifully written and has two fabulous main charactersa grumpy ship s doctor and a bubble headed beauty who longs to be useful Oh dear Lordy This is the way I LOVE my romance novels With ROMANCE And nothing is rushed Their love story is just perfect and believable and the humor is fantastic The last book I read by Marshall was differentalso good but not as light hearted and funny I like this twist on her voice better And I sure hope she writes some like this one This book made me swoonyI also looked up the word trephining in the dictionary I learned a new word Just like DaphneWriting AHumor ARomance ASwoon Meter AOverall AThis book is a delicious gemHoping to find my own grumpy doctor hey I have my own grumpy doctor ExcellentPenelope

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