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read & download Outsider Micalea Smeltzer ✓ 0 characters read & download â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Micalea Smeltzer Is a shifter A wolf shifter and she has a lot to learn About being herself being a wolf and being what she needs to be to protect her pack On top of that her inten. This novel shifts from wolves to humanity and back again with a cast of characters who are truly remarkable all entwined in a love story which will have you swooning and shifting in your seats EponaReviewsA self published novel miraculously completed over 4 weeks by 18 year old Micalea Smeltzer The first in a trilogy of shifters love and powerAll little girls dream of being a princess They dream of a prince A fairytale of their own They ve all watched Snow White Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast but none ever dreamt they d be the beastSophie s world is turned upside down when she discovers the truth about her life About what she is She s scared but she s not alone She may not have her prince but she certainly has her Alpha and he s all hersI thoroughly enjoyed this novel and found myself occasionally laughing throughout the story There s action friendship betrayal secrets romance and of course wolvesThe story is written in first person past tense from the POV of 17 year old Sophie The only downside to this novel possibly down to being self published is the lack of editing which occasionally makes itself known through the odd spelling error and missing word but despite this it was a flawless novelThis is a romance story and so much and despite not containing vampires or werewolves the wolves in this novel are known as shifters I would recommend this novel for fans of Twilight as the William s wolf pack reminds me so much of the Cullens family And for once there is not a love triangleI picked up this novel after devouring Maggie Stiefvater s The Wolves Of Mercy Falls trilogy and found myself craving Outsider did not uench my thirst but in fact gave me a taste for something new Micalea adds her own twist on what could have been a clich shifter novel

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read & download Outsider Micalea Smeltzer ✓ 0 characters read & download â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Micalea Smeltzer Everything is about to change for Sophie Beaumont Sophie has moved her entire life; never staying in one place too long She didn’t understand why until now Sophie. I ve read many books and this is my FAVOURITE I cant say enough good things about this book i would recommend it to ANYONE I thought THE DARK DIVINE series was goodThe Dark Divine 1 The Lost Saint 2 The Savage Grace 3and i used to say they were my favourite books but no OUTSIDER has out done them It starts off as Sophie being a regular gal going to stay with her grandmother but that soon changes She works in her grandmothers cupcake store and meets Caedon SWOON i immediately fell in love with this character He is soo sweet to Sophie She soon finds out she is a shapeshifter and Caedon and her are mates lucky gal Their story continues pulling you deeper into their lives and soon she gets captured and tourtured by Travis and his father to then have her familiar Caedon and the pack find her and Leslee killed by her husband She heals up then awaits her 18th Birthday The date where she is due to shift Luckily she has Caedon to help her through it and afterwards they complete their bonding ceremony having eachothers names tattooed on each others wrists They spend the evening in a cave behind a waterfall and go back to Caedons in the morningLife goes on and soon comes Prom Chris Charlotte and Sophie go looking for dresses and Sophies adamant she will not find a dress she likes but she soon sees a beautiful green dress Chris gets with Bently Bryus gets with charlotte miserable logan stays lonely by choiceCaedon and Sophie carry on lifing life until the next book INSIDER BRILLIANT story line and a BRILLIANT book altogether OUTSIDER is wrote in first person If you want tell me anything discuss anything with me ask me anything about any of my books or any random uestion please do Comment or send me a private message if you d rather I really don t mind and i love hearing from people

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read & download Outsider Micalea Smeltzer ✓ 0 characters read & download â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Micalea Smeltzer Se feelings for the pack’s Alpha Caeden threatens to ruin everything Especially if the rival pack the Grimms find out that Sophie is not the human she claims to b. Can i Just say i love the cover Its awesome Blossom Totally love the book as well Out of all the books i read from Micalea Smeltzer this one stole my heart OK so Sophie is a shifter like the rest of the gang The only difference is that she didn t grow up knowing this important detail and it was for her safety that she didn t find out Her parents move around A LOT so she spends summers with her Grandmother where she meets Caeden The packs Alpha He s sexy and confident No wonder shes so drawn to him oh yeah and the fact that shes his mate Every Shifter thought mates were myth Legend until Sophie and Caeden meet at her grandmas store They get to know each other when the big bad wolf comes in and kidnaps Sophie He and his deranged family keeps Sophie under lock and key torturing her for a long time Shes gone for so long she even misses Christmas which happens to be her favorite holiday Caeden rescues her eventually with the help of her dog Archie That little rascal makes me want to go buy the same type just to say i have Sophie s dog The ending defiantly made me want to get the next book Can not wait until Insider Outsider Book 2 comes out I so want a love like Sophie and Caeden