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George Steiner ↠ 6 review free read My Unwritten Books ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB By one of the world's foremost literary critics George Steiner's My Unwritten Books meditates upon seven books he had long had in mind to write but never did Massively erudite the essays are also brave unflinching and wholly personal In this fiercely original and audacious work George Steiner tells of seven books which he did not write Because. Steiner s range of reference is the whole of Western and a fair amount of Eastern science literature history art music and philosophy This often made me feel like I d been given an aerial view of topics I ve only had access to from ant s eye level Occasionally his style makes his arguments seem fatuous and I felt like I was in the presence of an inescapable gasbag

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My Unwritten Books

George Steiner ↠ 6 review free read My Unwritten Books ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Intimacies and indiscretions were too threatening Because the topic brought too much pain Because its emotional or intellectual challenge proved beyond his capacities The actual themes range widely and defy conventional taboos the torment of the gifted when they live among when they confront the very great; the experience of sex in different la. I m actually not finished because you could never finish the late George Steiner But I am finished reading Zion and I am pleased that it has been included in this compilation one of the books he was not able to write because it means he was not able to solve the problem expressed in Zion and therefore is a human being like the rest of us Perhaps he may have been able to write that book if he had lived longer but I doubt it It is a thorny problem

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George Steiner ↠ 6 review free read My Unwritten Books ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Nguages; a love for animals greater than for human beings; the costly privilege of exile; a theology of emptiness Yet a unifying perception underlies this diversity The best we have or can produce is only the tip of the iceberg Behind every good book as in a lit shadow lies the book which remained unwritten the one that would have failed better. George Steiner the polymath s polymath of total cultural mastery from the pre Socratics to the postmodern What does such an individual dream about One must be curiousEnvy sex linguistics Jewish identity the historiography of Chinese scientism intersectional international educational standards animal love political participation the existence of GodCentral to Steiner and perhaps to the authorial ethos writ large is the idea that there remains something to be said Almost by definition we live uotidian lives unaware of the grave and grand implications suggested by our every action Writers hyperconscious have throughout history served to illuminate these suggestions and their multifold potentialities And although the map can never be perfect a high sage of comparative literature such as Steiner is in a uniue position to identify where these unmapped territories lieSteiner is a neophile highly open to new experiences and new ways of experiencing I get the feeling is plagued by the fact that he s now in his so to speak twilight years He intuitively grasps the influence of technology on our cultural milieu both in terms of what it enables and what it drives out Old studied methods of relation and understanding particularly when it comes to literature and philosophy Steiner s domain are on the decline due in large part to the zeitgeist of mass market scalability On a poetic level by proxy of being alive Steiner has a front row seat to his own obsolescenceHis greatest hope the proliferation of content must then also be his greatest fear It is a double edged sword which enriches us with effective infinities of entertainment while slashing the very concept of comprehensive comparison Total cultural mastery is impossible does Sisyphus imagine himself happyYet Steiner still believes there are things to be said positively said He s outlined a few of them in this collection of essays ending each with a witty rejoinder explaining why they remain merely outlines Most of them point to ego fragility But as I m sure Steiner understands the great explorers don t just map out the unexplored they go there sometimes at their own peril sometimes because the peril compels themWhat I d really like to see is Steiner trying out various psychedelics and writing about his experienceFavorite uotes It was Cartesian rationality Kantian criticism Hegelian and Marxist scenarios of history which underwrote the exponential deployment of the Western understanding of and mastery over nature p 16 What is it like to be an epic poet with philosophic aspirations when Dante is as it were in the neighborhood To be a contemporary playwright when Shakespeare is out to lunch How can I be if another is asks Goethe p 43 A teacher a critic a commentator or publicist can open doors for the creators He can uicken to deserved life what has been censored or overlooked It is a blessed condition It is nonetheless strictly secondary and auxiliary A minus at the very best p 57 What should be the most spontaneously anarchic individually exploratory and inventive of human encounters is to a very large degree scripted p 63 Every human tongue challenges reality in its own uniue manner p 65 Today in the mass consumption mass media democracies of the West and the developing world it is no longer possible to separate political liberalism and representative government from capitalism p 193 194 On the third day of the Chechen seizure of the school in Beslan the children were dying of torturing thirst Even their urine had ceased For two days they had prayed to almighty God No reply On the final day they called for help to Harry Potter and his favorite Wizard This seems to me as close as we can get to the truth of the human situation p206New vocab wordsThis book is great if you want to learn some new words I picked up syncretism onanism coruscate rebarbative elide Invidia who knew the graphics card company took its name from this

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