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Read ´ The Writers Diet Lab – passives and prepositions weak verbs and waste words – and energise their work by stripping away unnecessary padding The rules of good writing are deceptively simple but this book helps writers to see those principles at work through examples by stylish authors from Charles Dickens to John McPhee First published in 2007 The Writer’s Diet became a bestselling handbook and now returns refreshed alongside a new version of wwwwritersdietcom The book will highlight your bad habits and sharpen your style – for clearer crisper sentences filled with words that count Who says nutritious material must be bland This s. The The writers diet is about choosing active verbs avoiding nomilzations adverbs and filler words Use preposition that convey motion and use them with care Keep the verb close the subject Great excersize Abstract to concrete then back again take abstract word and make it concrete Take concrete word and make it abstract Avoid so called action verbs that are bland have make do and use Ion ism ty ment ness anceenceUse preposition with pep motion not static That there this it Avoid as filler Only used when it s clear what it is Avoid than 2 preposition in a sentence In one hundred word less then three to be verbs less than four nominalizations less than 14 prepostions Less than three waste words less then 6 ad words that s the formula

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Read ´ The Writers Diet Is your writing flabby or fit If your sentences are weighed down with passives and prepositions be verbs and waste words The Writer’s Diet is for you This book will help you energise your writing and strip unnecessary padding from your prose The Writer’s Diet offers a short sharp introduction to great writing Through the online test at wwwwritersdietcom and the analysis and examples in this book Helen Sword teaches writers of all kinds – students to teachers lawyers to librarians – how to transform flabby sentences into active energetic prose The book and the website enable writers to diagnose their writing for f. A succinct book with simple but essential tips on writing 5 sacred rules 1 Use active verbs whenever possible2 Favour concrete language over vague abstractions3 Avoid long strings of prepositional phrases4 Employ adjectives and adverbs only when they contribute something new to the meaning of a sentence5 Reduce your dependence on four pernicious waste words it this that and there

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Read ´ The Writers Diet Hort book is packed with excellent advice on writing offered with charm and good cheer –Steven Pinker Johnstone Professor of Psychology Harvard University and author of The Sense of Style The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century ‘Does my style look big in this’ The Writer’s Diet shows us how to measure our verbal shape honestly and unflinchingly in private see what we need to tone and train in simple steps that we can all enjoy Concise punchy engaging practical effective Helen Sword’s instant classic has become even fitter in this new edition – Professor Brian Boyd the University of Auckla. Nothing in this was particularly groundbreaking to me actually I d never really thought about preposition choice before so I ll give Sword that one but it was really interesting getting it all in one concise book with only five brief chapters As someone who reads a lot of academic writings I found it nice to think that maybe one day they will be easier interesting to read If only they would follow these guidelinesPS I d hate to put this review through her online Writer s Diet test because it would probably get a pretty low score

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