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Aristocrats Caroline Emily Louisa and Sarah Lennox 1740 1832

Read & Download Aristocrats Caroline Emily Louisa and Sarah Lennox 1740 1832 107 Stella Tillyard à 7 Read & Download Read Aristocrats Caroline Emily Louisa and Sarah Lennox 1740 1832 The Lennox Sisters great granddaughters of a king daughters of a cabinet minister and wives of politicians and peers lived lives of real public significance bu There are so many ways to sellreasons for me to push this book it absolutely boggles the mind First and foremost and easiest for both the scandalmongers among us and really if we re honest which one of us isn t at least a little all these words adjectives and happenings are involved in this book probably many times over an illegitimate line of the bastard children of kings arranged marriages that turn out to be fairy tale romances forbidden courtships scandalous secret marriages elopements resulting in family disowning of the bride reform politicians who double as impassioned romantic heroes obsessive jealousy sexual dominance beautiful fickle expensive young brides driving their husbands to ruin medieval castles mistresses whores illigitimate children raised with legitimate heirs European tours peers renouncing their titles for the sake of Liberte Egalite fraternite affairs with French dukes a love affair with George III seperation divorce rehabilitation to near sainthood a duchess who marries her children s tutor Lords killed for treason and rebellion etc etc If for some reason that isn t enough to send you running out the door Secondly this is a fascinating portrait of a world in incredible transition As we start the piece the English court moves to medieval rhythms Dukes have actual jobs at court Duchesses fetch and carry and sew for the ueen by the time the last sister dies Napoleon has been defeated and Victoria is five years from appearing on the throne It is so easy to be swept along with the times watch everything slowly shift just as these incredible strong sisters from a provincial near backwater to the full might of the British Empire From a king just as German as he was English just as concerned with Hanover as he was London to a peculiarly English world where being British was first and foremost Thirdly These are some truly amazing kickass women Yes they all have their faults but I can t agree with the one reviewer who said that we never care about them I don t know how you can t Yes they re aristocratic snobs with a very narrow view on life yes they re wasteful and extravagant yes yes yes And yet these are strong women who made their own choices to the detriment their material well being be damned to what anyone thought around them who both flouted convention and became it at the same time These are women who were still finding themselves well into their mid thirties showing that you can still keep growing and changing and there s no limit to the point when you really find your dreams That really spoke to me at this point in my life One of the sisters is completely fallen by the age of 25 and an idol of the cult of motherhood by the time she s forty These sisters truly show the limitlessness of the possibilities of lifeThe one thing I will say about this book is that the focus on the sisters is incredibly narrow Which is what you have to do for a biography of this kind of course but it can be jarring Even when great friends of the family die or major events happen we never really get their story and what lead to these great events This is merely about the sisters To the point where the American revolution is referred to by the author as The drama in the American colonies rather than a revolution She also repeatedly refers to Londonderry in Ireland rather than ualifying the name which is something of a hot button issue Obviously if you already know the history of the era this isn t a problem it can just jerk you out of the text occasionallyOther than that absolutely highly recommended It blows by like a thriller novel honestly Don t let its size fool you

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Read & Download Aristocrats Caroline Emily Louisa and Sarah Lennox 1740 1832 107 Stella Tillyard à 7 Read & Download Read Aristocrats Caroline Emily Louisa and Sarah Lennox 1740 1832 Unknown archive Stella Tillyard has constructed a group biography of privileged eighteenth century women who she shows have much to tell us about our own time Wow This is a fabulously good biography one of the best I ve ever read erudite but juicy and irresistibly readable from start to finish A combination of the writing and the subjects themselves made it so amazing to me these four Lennox sisters are just ridiculously interesting every one of them intelligent passionate sympathetic and flawed in their own diverse ways And yet I ve read biographies before of figures who are just as appealing that still somehow failed to leap off the page like this one did for me Amanda Foreman s Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire comes to mind So I m giving a lot of the credit for my newfound collective girl crush on the Lennox sisters to Stella Tillyard s sparkling and vivid telling of their story While concentrating solely on these sisters she manages to give the most fascinating panoramic look at the whole time period in which they lived

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Read & Download Aristocrats Caroline Emily Louisa and Sarah Lennox 1740 1832 107 Stella Tillyard à 7 Read & Download Read Aristocrats Caroline Emily Louisa and Sarah Lennox 1740 1832 T the private texture of their family centered world mattered to them and they shared their experiences with each other in countless letters From this hitherto This is the story of four daughters of the second Duke of Richmond Great granddaughters of King Charles II wealthy titled and intimate with the political leaders of the realm the Lennox sisters were envied by many and watched by all Their story lasts almost a century it begins in 1744 as the Jacobites were planning their last desperate assault on the Hanoverian throne and ends in 1832 five years before the beginning of the Victorian Age The eldest Caroline eloped and became a rich and famous political hostess Her eldest son was a dissolute wastral her second son Charles Fox became an infamous politician The second girl Emily married the Duke of Leinster the first peer of Ireland After their parents deaths Emily raised her much younger sisters Louisa and Sarah amidst her own gigantic brood she had in all 22 children only half of whom survived to adulthood Emily arranged a marriage for Louisa to the richest man in Ireland Thomas Conolly King George III loved young Sarah but was convinced to marry a German princess for matters of state Sarah was pushed into a marriage with Thomas Bunbury a man of little sense money or desire for his teenaged bride Their marriage was deeply unhappy and Sarah had a very public affair forcing Bunbury to separate and eventually divorce her She and Emily each remarried later in life and had very happy marriages to men of significantly less money and social standing Every sister but Louisa had a cavalcade of children And every sister maintained a long intimate relationship via letters Thanks to those letters and Tillyard s incredible scholarship the modern age has a pretty good idea of their personalities and daily lives The sisters themselves are vividly drawn and oft uoted I m a sucker for reading the actual words of historical figures but what truly impressed me was the detail of their surroundings How their servants were treated what kind of decorating was in style how one behaved in Bath what London was like the description of London waking up every morning was particularly impressiveTilyard assembles all this flotsom and arranges it into a coherent world