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  • Clementine Churchill The Biography of a Marriage
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Clementine Churchill The Biography of a Marriage

Review Ì Clementine Churchill The Biography of a Marriage 108 Clementine Churchill shy passionate and high strung shunned publicity but was in the limelight throughout her adult life As a young woman her character intelligence and good looks won t This book is the story of Clementine Churchill wife of the legendary Winston Churchill written by their daughter If follows Clementine until she marries Churchill and then follows both of them as a dual biography and works in the the story of their children It is an insightful look into the lives the Churchill s Their legacy and impact on the 20th century was huge and understanding them and their times is worthwhile A couple random things that stood out to me the suffragettes were surprisingly annoying with some of their outrageous behavior Clementine had a rich suitor for four years that she accepted his friendship a flower a day his gifts traveled with him But never loved him How sad for him Clementine while close to her husband and at times close to her children as they became adults had few close relationships with anyone outside of Winston How sad Winston and his life filled Clementine s whole existence and when she was well and in good form she neither desired nor needed other companions or distraction But when she was low and fretted and her batteries needed recharging it was often difficult to find a good solution As her daughters grew up she turned to each one and found company and companionship But daughters soon have their own lives careers husbands and children Clementine s diffidence in personal relationships made her hesitate to propose herself to other people because she was to shy and could not bring herself to to be a little natural and carefree in her approach Thus in a life full of people she knew much lonelinessThis book is a biography of not merely the facts about these people but it records their emotional relationship as found in their letters and through the eyes of their daughter This subject was not really something that I caughtor saw growing up My last serious relationship showed me how much I needed to learn in this area and seeing how Winston and Clementine found in each other such rest and assurance was educational While the author portrays her parents in a overall positive light she also notes their flaws as people and relationships This is not hagiography

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Review Ì Clementine Churchill The Biography of a Marriage 108 He attention of the impetuous Winston Churchill Their courtship was swift but their marriage proved immensely strong spanning many of the major events of the twentieth century Written with Having read several biographies of Winston Churchill this was an interesting read albeit this biography of Clementine was written in a loving manner by their youngest daughter and therefore should be read with this point of view with respect to her view of her parents Although it has been claimed that the Churchills had a very strong and loving marriage one wonders how much time they actually spent together in their many years of marriage as either one or both of them often seemed to be away either enjoying the south of Franceoften for months at a time and often living off the hospitality of those richer than themselves or taking cures for various ailments physical and otherwise Much of their history is also found in the writing of notes and letters to each other which can become rather nauseating to read because of the infantile and petty nature of most of these letters Once again living the life the the upperclass Winston was known for not paying his bills in the area where Chartwell was located and he also made use of German prisoners of war to improve his property Clementine seemed prone to nerves and agitation like many of the upper class did not actually raise her own children but employed a succession of nannies cooks housekeepers gardeners and various other staff to service the various and many homes and apartments in which they resided Not a whole lot was mentioned about the surviving children possibly because they were a disappointment to Winston and Clementine There there were various estrangements from their older children at times and their lives were mentioned in perfunctory manner The author had to mention that both her 2 sisters her brother had several unsuccessful marriages she had to mention Diana s suicide but never mentioned the fact that Randolph was considered to be an alcoholic It is also very interesting to note that there was no apparent cut backs for this family during World War 2one reason being given is because of the entertaining which they were reuired to do when Churchill was Prime Minister and that they lived a very rich life while millions of people suffered during the war Winston would often take his family on his political tours giving them the job of aides and it is interesting to note that they enjoyed tours of Halifax uebec and various others locations as a family during the war while millions of people did without Winston suffered a serious stroke in 1953 which affected his mobility and he slowly deteriorated over the years but as with President Roosevelt much of this was kept from the public and his outings were carefully orchestrated to make it appear that he was well His last years appear to to have been long lonely and very typical of a stroke victim Of course during this time Clementine suffered from nerves and would have to take cures in the homes of various members of the rich upper class One begins to wonder who actually paid for the trips of the family for their tours throughout world during and after the war The book was over 700 pages long filled with detail and well researched although obviously a book favourable to the legacy of Clementine and Winston I would like to read the other side of the story What really transpired at Chartwell why and who paid for all those times they were out of the country what happened to the servants and were they well provided for after they left the service of the Churchill s The story of Winston s time spent in the trenches in World War 1 does not actually depict the real story of soldiers who spent their time in the trenches Not only was he very comfortably housed most of the time Clementine sent him packages with his cigars clothing and other reuesta and he may have spent 5 months in total in Belgium during World War 1 therefore not being a true war hero He and Clementine wrote letters to each other while he was in Belgium which were not censored This special status continued throughout their liveshe did not keep state secrets secret from his wife and she at times meddled with his decisions During World War 2 their inconvenience while London was being bombed and many people were rendered homeless was to have to move into another smaller area of 10 Downing Street but maintaining a full staff of cooks maids secretaries and other personnel It is always interesting to read how people s hardship reflect their social class For example Clementine felt deprived of priviledges of her upper class and was upset that the mice had eaten holes into some of the curtains which had been stored saying something to the effect that the mice had eaten their fill while they could not enjoy the food they were used to I do feel that she was given way too much credit for her role and her true character of pettiness snobbishness and right to entititlements have to be mentioned Reading in between the lines it appears that she was a difficult high strung demanding nervous woman who was incapable of doing much on her own her meddled into others affairs and who expected to be treated as royalty Her daughter did not spend too much time on the last years of her life except that as with all she became frail in body and also in mind as she became older However it was a good read once again sending the message to us in the non priviledged class that while we may have to make sacrifices the rich never do continue on with their lifestyle their long weekend parties their sense of entitlement their cures in the sun while others struggle to put food on the table for their children

Characters Clementine Churchill The Biography of a Marriage

Review Ì Clementine Churchill The Biography of a Marriage 108 Affection and candor by the Churchills’ daughter Mary Soames this revised and updated biography of a lionhearted couple’s life together is not only of historic interest but deeply movin A lovely insightful portrayal of Winston and Clementine Churchill s lives and marriage