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Miss Prim and the Billionaire

characters Miss Prim and the Billionaire ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB True loveThe past has changed Cassie too A destructive marriage stole her confidence and now she hides her model looks behind prim glasses and suitsWhen Marcel and Cassie are thrown together again in Pa. Can t decide if this is a 2 or 3 star should be 25Another contemporary filled with impossibly rich and handsome men and impossibly gorgeous women Our heroine Cassie is an international super model who falls in love with a poor french grocery delivery boy But then a rich criminal Jake wants her causes the boyfriend to have an inconvenient accident and forces her to marry him Jake He never finds her letter explaining what happens so they both end up burying hatred for each other Fastforward ten years Our poor French boy Marcel is now a ruthless millionaire and Cassie is Mrs Henshaw a prim business woman She becomes his employee as he buys the hotel she works at Recognition and sparks fly between them immediately The scenes of Paris are wonderful but the romance and declarations of lover particularly at the beginning of the book are cheesy Really cheesy The romance does start to heat up but after they make love for the first time it flounders a bit The pacing in the second half of the book could have been imporved The conflict did not feel real enough it felt like the author was stringing things along to make the page count There is a break up toward the end and a reunion but that too felt rushed It s a good book for those seeking a millionaire tale Rated on my 5 star romance scale Start to finish read 2 hours or less

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characters Miss Prim and the Billionaire ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB When first love has a second chanceTycoon Marcel Falcon appears to be a man who plays love like a game But deep in his heart lies a despair that has never left him since he was betrayed by Cassie his one. Okay book I liked Cassie I felt she had done a great job of going on with her life She had gotten a business degree after her modelling days were done and was very good at what she did She had never forgotten Marcel and her love for him was still there When they were thrown together she continued to do her job and tried to let him know what had happened in the past I just couldn t warm up to Marcel To me he was obsessive wanting the Cassie from the past keeping her separate from the new Cassie He also tried to control her actions constantly checking up on her which is abusive in my book He redeemed himself in the end but I still didn t really like him

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characters Miss Prim and the Billionaire ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ris a storm erupts inside them He's her boss so there's no avoiding each other no escaping the fact that they've both changed dramatically Underneath the spark is there but can it ever be the same agai. An ok book for me I think mostly this book wasn t really to my liking due to personal preference than on the actual book It was written well had a good plot and was basically a good book However a lot of the scenes and dialog were a little confusing to me Not on the sense that they didn t make sense but that I was thinking How could they or Why would they do that I couldn t really get a feel for or connection with the characters and mostly was by turns aggravated or really mad at them I felt out of the loop and didn t understand their brain waves at all A good book but not on my track and couldn t find theirs Good Luck