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review Time and Philosophy ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Looking at the development of continental philosophy in both Europe and America McCumber discusses philosophers ranging from Hegel Marx Kierkegaard Nietzsche Husserl Heidegger Arend. McCumber s project is an ambitious one to provide a historical and intellectual account of continental philosophy and give notes on its development through time Any of the subsections in the book could have been full fledged doctoral dissertations given the content and many certainly have been I m not generally a fan of these sorts of broad projects because they try to do far too much and often end up shirking many of their subjects McCumber does a great job at staying faithful to many of his subjects though he does have to be brief in some of his accounting for the thought given the page length but he does a good job at keeping his focus and moving through an enormous amount of historical contentThe book is long and sometimes tedious McCumber is never redundant but he does hit his central themes fairly hard and some of the things that he addresses are not really developed as much as reiterated through the book What he means when he talks about temporality doesn t get enough development and becomes the central flag of the book and could probably do to be a bit interesting He spends a lot of time exploring the temporality of the thinkers and not a lot of time developing the concept of temporality properAt any rate to those interested in an interesting perspective on continental thought I do recommend it McCumber is thorough and thoughtful and very honest perhaps one of the most refreshing feature of the book is his willingness to acknowledge lapses in judgement in historical features instead of attempting the appearance of being unbiased whatever that is supposed to mean He provides a good narration of some of the difficult thinkers in the recent history of philosophy and does a fair job at contextualizing an oft written about but poorly understood movement in philosophy

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review Time and Philosophy ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Idate the primary texts for readers coming to these thinkers for the first time while revealing the philosophical rigour that underpins and connects the history of continental thoug. This is a great primer on continental thought I didn t mind the lack of Habermas who needs that modern suare anyway The best part of this book is the introduction to each thinker via a usually comical story about their wacky character or social failures The chapter on Hannah Ardent is one of the best and most important It has sadly been ignored by most reviewers If you re passionate about philosophy but don t have the money for a masters degree read this book

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review Time and Philosophy ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook T Adorno and Horkheimer Sartre de Beauvoir Foucault and Derrida to the most influential thinkers of today Agamben Badiou Bulter and Ranciere Throughout McCumber's concern is to eluc. 130316 this is best read after the subtitle as it is not any specific continental theory of time but how various thinkers of said tradition all are influenced and influence in turn that aspect of thought called time it is therefore sort of a useful primer resource reminder of how a everything is in time and b philosophers must never forget a and whether such assertion has metaphysical value or correct practical valueperhaps this text could be used for class but it helps me at least to have read the works cited i do not know how complete is this selection very little bergson i do not know if the biographical snippets that start each chapter are than mildly interesting i do not know many of the recent thinkers i am stimulated to look again at some works try some but then this is in the interests of intellectual fun and no i like to read this sort of philosophy not logic obsessed analytic work as reminds me of reading math

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