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Bethan Roberts ✓ 6 review My Policeman free read í 106 Ual narratives of Marion and Patrick both writing about the man at the centre of their lives this beautifully told painful tragic story is revealed It is a tale of wasted years misguided love and thwarted hope of how at a time when the country was on the verge of change so much was still impossible Bethan Roberts has produced an intense and exuisitely raw yet tender novel which proves her to be one of our most exciting young write. Sad sad sad Such a beautifully written book one that really got inside the hearts and minds of the 3 main characters Fabulously set in late 1950s and present day Brighton this book was totally compelling and very telling about how difficult it was being gay or indeed a woman in those times I was struck by the sadness of each of the characters in this book and the way most people in the story both primary and minor characters had such empty and wasted lives Ms Roberts descriptions of lives led without much meaning cut deep This was a story that will linger with me for uite a while It calls to mind the Thoreau uote the mass of men lead lives of uiet desperation My Policeman is highly recommended and I also think it would make a great movie

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Bethan Roberts ✓ 6 review My Policeman free read í 106 An exuisitely told tragic tale of thwarted love From the moment Marion first lays eyes on Tom her best friend's big brother broad blond blue eyed she is smitten And when he comes home from National Service to be a policeman Marion a newly ualified teacher is determined to win him Unable to acknowledge the signs that something is amiss she plunges into marriage sure that her love is enough for both of them But Tom has another lif. This is well written and certainly captures the feeling of living in a time and place when homosexuality was illegal and when anyone who didn t avoid any connection with it was liable to pay a heavy price As a story it sfine It s a perfectly good book But I felt that there was always something there just out of reach something a little deeper a little hard hitting something that could grab the reader if only it was said And that something never really showed up Not chick lit because well chick lit doesn t usually hit this kind of subject matter But it does feel a little like chick lit which isn t necessarily a bad thing because every genre has its place But I wanted something

Bethan Roberts ✓ 6 review

Bethan Roberts ✓ 6 review My Policeman free read í 106 E another eually overpowering claim on his affections Patrick a curator at the Brighton Museum is also besotted with his policeman and opens Tom's eyes to a world previously unknown to him But in an age when those of 'minority status' were condemned by society and the law it is safer for this policeman to marry his teacher The two lovers must share him until one of them breaks and three lives are destroyed Unfolding through the d. I think it was George Bernard Shaw who coined the maxim He who can does He who cannot teaches While there may sometimes be some truth in those words they most certainly do not apply to the writer of this very good novel Bethan Roberts Roberts has apparently taught Creative Writing at Chichester University and at Goldsmiths College both of which are in the UK On the evidence of this her most recent book she is an exceptionally talented writer My Policeman is a beautifully told and moving account of thwarted passionThe essence of the story is a somewhat unusual menage a trois The setting is Brighton the time is the late 1950s Marion is an intelligent but rather naive young schoolteacher She falls in love with Tom who is the brother of her best friend Tom is an inexperienced police officer He meets and becomes infatuated with Patrick who is the curator of Western Art at the town s art gallery Despite his feelings for Patrick Tom marries Marion At a time before gay sex had been decriminalised he is keen to fit in and to live outwardly at least a life of respectability and what he thinks of as normality In a seuence of narratives that shifts in time from the late 1950s to the late 1990s My Policeman recounts from Marion s and from Patrick s perspective their shared love for Tom and the impact that it has on all their lives It is a poignant painful and ultimately tragic story The writing and characterisation are excellent Roberts paints what appears to be a very authentic picture of the social and sexual ethos of the time and of the way in which gay people were forced to contend with being labelled as sexual inverts and ueers terms used in the story and with the risk of exposure for behaving in what was then a criminal manner Her style of writing is crisp and flowing And she depicts what are sometimes very intense and emotional events in a humane and sympathetic way My Policeman is a tender heartbreaking and thought provoking story that will stay with the reader for a very long time after he or she has finished it It is a very good novel indeed marred only by the slightly overdone conclusion 910

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