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Arabella Read Ë 100 S impetuosity and her pride stung when she overhears a remark of her path of arrogant host who accused her of being another petty female after his wealth the proud headstrong ingenue made a most startling claim she was an heiress A pretense that deeply amuses the jaded Beau To counter her white lie Beaumaris launches her into high society and thereby subjects her to all kinds of amorous fortune hunters in London and other embarrassmentsSuddenly Arabella found herself the talk of the ton and pursued by some of the most eligible young men of the day But only one caught Arabella's fancy Beaumaris the hands What can I say about this wonderful little darling book that hasn t already been said Arabella is charming It s a true Regency romance classic the epitome of the perfect comedy of manners set in London and features all your favourite Regency uirks mannerisms glittering balls and shocking crushes And naturally there is an enterprising heroine and a dashing hero who meet uite by chance and fall uite madly in love amidst a set of funny and delightful adventures Ah to have a London Season and go shopping in Bond Street entertain callers all morning and be sought after by all the gazetted fortune hunters for miles around Such is the lot of our dear heroine Arabella in this story but mind you she brought it all upon herself because of Mr Beaumaris of course as you will seeOnce upon a time in a sheltered and remote Yorkshire village there lived the Tallant family of which Arabella was the eldest and prettiest daughter The Tallants lived a uiet and peaceful existence until the day Arabella s godmother Lady Bridlington had the brilliant idea aided with a few not so subtle hints from Mrs Tallant to invite her to London for the upcoming social season Arabella who had been poring over fashion magazines with her sisters and dazed by the prevailing fashion of satin bodices and diamond fastenings was naturally delighted and looked upon the season as her Only Hope to form an eligible connection to aid her family and bring her sisters in the way of meeting other eligible young men If she were to make a splendid match how beneficial it would be for everyoneAfter many preparations most of which included exclaiming over Mama s old clothes from the old trunk the making of new gowns by the nearest town s modiste and shopping for such indispensible accessories as hats bonnets gloves fans and silk stockings Arabella was finally ready to depart and after tearful goodbyes she got into her uncle s old carriage and left for London Meanwhile enjoying a respite from the humdrum of the metropolis and the conniving schemes of unscrupulous females too numerous to number Mr Robert Beaumaris was intending to spend a very relaxing evening in his Leicestershire hunting box with his dear friend Lord Fleetwood who was definitely hoping for than good food and wine as his only distractions of the evening Alas that his peace should be shatteredLord Fleetwood So Rob what are we doing tonightMr Beaumaris I told you Eat Drink Relax Fleetwood Yeah but what else Seriously what are we going to DOBeaumaris I just told you EAT AND DRINK AND RELAX You will not be disappointed in my cook let me tell youFleetwood Look I realize than anyone else would be happy just being invited to your hunting box but I AM NOT ANYONE ELSE Now seriously Rob entertainment Don t you have a few pretty women hidden somewhereBeaumaris Yeahhhhhh Because I just casually have women hiding around in my houses in the hope of pleasing youFleetwood Come on man I was expecting some wild orgies and drinking wine out of skulls Guys that s actually in the bookBeaumaris GTFO Lord Byron Because IF and I say IF I had any do you imagine I would just show you them and run the risk that they would prefer you to meFleetwood Oh stop that BS If there are to be no women Beaumaris No clue why you would THINK there would be Brough enters Excuse me sir a couple of women have had a carriage accident right outside your door and are asking if they can wait here until it the damage is fixedBeaumaris Meh Bring them to the salon Fleetwood Wait whoa waiiiiiit Are they young old pretty whatBrough Uuuhhone of them is young and I think very prettyFleetwood Then what the hell Robert Bring them here Brough Ahhh women after allBeaumaris facepalm FML And so it is that the beautiful Miss Tallant and her traveling companion Miss Blackburn are ushered into the presence of the two aforementioned gentlemen It should also be said in favour of the gentlemen Mr Beaumaris in particular that they appeared rather to advantage in their state of ease and good humour and that Mr Beaumaris just happened to be charmingly smiling as Miss Tallant entered the room Naturally sparks fly and the electricity will remain in the air between them for the rest of the story even though the majority of them are fuelled by anger and provocation on Arabella s part While ascending the stairs she overhears with dreadful clarity Mr Beaumaris telling Lord Fleetwood that she has set up the carriage accident on purpose to throw herself at him Our dear heroine becomes so incensed that she decides then and there to embark on a dangerous game She will prove to that arrogant no doubt good for nothing darling of society that she can have no use at all for his money and position Behold the Miss Arabella Tallant heiress to a vast fortune and travelling incognito to LondonYay Brilliant Of course this is going to workExcept about the part where that snarky Mr Beaumaris sees right through the charade and decides to play fire with fireLike you want to be an heiress OK FINE HEIRESS IT IS But don t come cryin to me laterUnfortunately for him he has no idea what kind of heiress he s just agreed to launch into society Arabella is first and foremost a country clergyman s daughter bent on helping others in need whether she s a lady of uality or not Before long she has foisted a dirty climbing boy and an abused mongrel dog onto poor unsuspecting Mr Beaumaris and has him completely twisted round her little finger whether he wants to or not Dang it she wasn t supposed to be that charming And while he tries in vain to capture her attention he manages to win the complete and utter adoration of a totally unexpected party the mongrel dog which he names Ulysses This book is FAMOUS for the conversations Mr Beaumaris entertains with his dog Seriously It is too good Ulysses just freakin LOOOOVES Mr Beaumaris and can t bear to be away from himAnd he knows that Mr Beaumaris knows that Arabella loves him tooEven though his manners leave a lot to be desired as Beaumaris reminds him continuouslyAnd his eating habits are uestionableHonestly that dog is just priceless whether Beaumaris agrees or not It was a really uniue element to an otherwise slightly d j vu story and it was really fun Next throw in Arabella s young hothead brother Bertram bent on having a taste of Town and running into one scrape after another a merry chase about the place with everyone trying to rescue each other and a very wise Dowager Duchess Highly Advising Matrimony for her favourite grandson and you have yourself a delightful classic comedy of manners full of laughs and mishaps And another one of those hilarious but completely random valet scenes stopping all action at a very crucial point because we need to know what will happen to Mr Beaumaris clothes while he travels Beaumaris Alright Painswick I need to leave and it s pretty urgent so just pack up shirts and neckcloths and you know simple sutff because you re not coming with me Painswick so shocked he remains speechless for a full minute Beaumaris Yeah and tell them to have the carriage ready for six and Painswick B but d d did you s say I wasn t going with you Beaumaris Yeah I did I m going alone dude HURRY UP I NEED TO GO Painswick But sir Who is going to dress you Wait upon you Take care of you YOU NEED ME Beaumaris I ll be fine I can dress myself Painswick But your coat sir WHO WILL PRESS YOUR COAT Beaumaris Sigh I m sure they can do that at the posting house Painswick NO THEY CAN T THEY LL RUIN IT Beaumaris I honestly don t really care about my coat right now Painswick alright that settles it he s nuts SIR gulps Please let me come with you Beaumaris Ugh I ll be fine I tell you Take a holiday go have fun Painswick Take A HOLIDAY when I know you ll be all alone having to dress yourself Beaumaris I CAN dress myself Painswick And what about your boots Will they be nicely polished Shirt collars starched enough WHAT IF YOU GET MUD ON YOUR BREECHES I NEED TO COME WITH YOU Beaumaris I already told you I WILL NOT BE REUIRING YOUR SERVICES FOR THIS JOURNEY Painswick II think I m going to die Funny witty charming and wholly entertaining Arabella is a wonderful Heyer romance you don t want to miss I was tempted to lower my rating a bit because at times the story seemed to drag and I wasn t that interested in Bertram s antics which took up uite a lot of the last half of the book but it s just such a brilliant classic and so very Heyer that I can t bring myself to give it less than a 5 I would strongly recommend starting with this one as a first Heyer read especially as I had the feeling I d already met a few of the characters in some other of her novels and that feeling of d j vu sometimes slightly spoiled the fun I would otherwise have had meeting them for the first time Also I was disappointed that although Arabella s family is strongly featured in the first few chapters we never see them again after she leaves for London I was really hoping for a reunion scene with them and Mr BeaumarisBut anyways those are only slight complaints I really did love this novel and would definitely read it again And this is a Heyer Regency romance so you know thatthey lived happily after after 3Buddy read with Lori D I apologize for the SUPER LATE COMPLETELY OVERDUE REVIEW We read it AGES ago

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Arabella Read Ë 100 To Arabella Tallant the eldest daughter of a penniless country clergyman the invitation to stay with her London godmother was like the key to heaven for in addition to living in the glamorous city Arabella might even find a suitable husband there Armed with beauty virtue and a benevolent godmother the impetuous but impoverished Arabella embarked on her first London season with her mother's wish in mind snare a rich husband On her way to London Arabella's carriage breaks down outside the hunting lodge of the wealthy and socially prominent Robert Beaumaris fate cast her in his path Arabella's only fault i WOW what an absolutely fantastic read Arabella wasThis Heyer combines all that s best about regency romances starting with a well crafted hero Cause let s face it ladies we all like a swoon worthy book man And I m here to tell you that Robert Beaumaris has got it in spadesHe s charming but not overbearing He s slightly jaded but not an out an out rake he s a bit world weary but not cynical and most important of all he s got a dry sense of humor especially when it comes to his fashion sense in dandelion boutineers and conversations with canine mutts just read the book and you ll see what I mean about the last two He channels a little Mr Darcy a little Captain Wentworth and surprisingly enough to me a little Rory Frost from my favorite book of all time Trade Wind Not many readers are going to understand that last reference at all because these two books have absolutely nothing in common in style content or plotline However one of the best moments in both these books comes when the jaded hero steps up and takes on a problem because he knows it will help the heroine yet cause countless difficulties for himself The best part about this plot device is that no one is surprised then the hero himself that he makes this offer It s as if he can t help himself and it s at that moment he knows his heart is irrevocably lost to the heroine IMELTEVERYTIMEThe heroine Arabella is also a good character She s young and naive but she s not overtly silly and helpless although Heyer overdoes it with all her blushing She cares for defenseless things is willing to fight for what she believes in and plays the older worldly wise Beaumaris with a surprisingly deft hand in the game of love These two you feel will have a very good life together because they bring out the better elements in each other s character In a word they are believableIt goes without saying that this is a clean read but it s not an easy one with all the cant speak and idioms Heyer uses It gives the novel a very authentic voice but it s not always easy for modern readers to follow Heyer was a prodigious researcher and I d be willing to bet there s not many people who have or had a better grasp of Regency England then she did It shows and it makes for a rich and detailed read that goes beyond the romanceUntil a future Heyer read challenges my vote Arabella is now my favorite Heyer romance If another can top it then I m excited to find it since I faced the exuisite uandry of wanting to find out what happened at the end and conversely never wanting it to endWell done Georgette Well done

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Arabella Read Ë 100 Ome and dedicated bachelor She should know better than to allow herself to be provoked by nonpareil Beau But would her deceitful charade destroy her one chance for true loveBeaumaris however although a most artful matrimonial dodger badly underestimated his seemingly naive adversary When compassionate Arabella rescues such unfortunate creatures as a mistreated chimney sweep and a mixed breed mongrel she foists them upon Beaumaris who finds he rather enjoys the role of rescuer and is soon given the opportunity to prove his worth in the person of Bertram Tallant the also impetuous young brother of Arabell It was nice to read about Arabella after reading about Judith Taverner in The Regency Buck I could not help contrasting the two heroines especially since they were both country bred and were off to London for the first time to make a splash But whereas Judith comes off as childish and impetuous Arabella has a mature personality Mr Beaumaris is also a much pleasant hero than the Earl of Worth So the story goes like this Arabella is the daughter of a country vicar and brought up to be interested in erudition and kindness than in gossip or fashion When the time came for her to marry she was sent off to London to a rich godmother to net a rich man so she could help her brothers and sisters En route she is forced to take refuge at a house when her carriage breaks down and she meets two men one of them Mr Beaumaris who was convinced that Arabella is pursuing him for his wealth She overhears him saying so to his friend and immediately convinces them that she is wealthy beyond belief This uickly spreads all over London and our heroine has to face the repercussions while falling in love with Beaumaris for real I really enjoyed this novel Arabella is innocent but no fool She refuses to take advantage of her pretensions Beaumaris is not the bored of life man that is such a clich in these novels He is a trendsetter and is enchanted by Arabella s kindness to everyone irrespective of their circumstances The two become friends and gradually fall in love with each other It was very believable too The supporting characters were interesting as well Overall a great fun read