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Shirley Jackson ´ 8 Free read Free read Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Shirley Jackson The Sundial Free read å 108 Aunt Fanny knows when the world will endAunt Fanny has always been somewhat peculiar No one is surprised that while the Halloran clan g. In Stephen King s novel 112263 a man named Jake Epping finds a portal that allows him to travel to 1958 To be specific it transports him to September 9 1958 1158am And no matter how many times Jake goes into the portal and emerges back into the present day it is always 1958 when he returns Once Jake commits to entering into the portal for good he adjusts to life in 1958 and prefers it He can t uite get over how much better the food tastes how much polite children are to their parents and teachers and how big and beautiful the cars are My father would have loved 112263 and it was published while he was still alive but my dad had fallen into a mental despair by that time and had given up on reading I remember calling him though as I was reading it devouring it actually and telling him the basic premise When I told him about the rabbit hole that takes Jake to 1958 my dad said I would have jumped right in Believe me he would have My dad loved the 1950s than any other time and while he was alive you could ask him just about anything from that decade and he would know the answer immediately He also had an excellent voice and could sing just about any lyric from any song performed during that time tell you the make and year of any car he grew up in the then booming auto industry in the Midwest and then branch off in a soft voice and talk about Ray Bradbury Rod Serling and UFOsBut now that it s 2019 and I m obsessed for the first time in my life with Shirley Jackson I wish I knew Did my father know about Shirley Jackson I think the answer is No And yet in 1958 42 year old Shirley Jackson published The Sundial her fourth novel written before her two most popular books The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the CastleShe had commercial success and she had readership but WHO was reading her and what were they thinking at the timeBecause I m in my 40s in 2019 and this woman is BLOWING MY MINDI started The Sundial over a month ago and it took me days just to get past the first paragraph The only word I can use to describe it is genius I can t read her work uickly there s too much for me to absorb and stare at And did you know Shirley Jackson s writing can be wicked funny FUNNY Oh this is funny all rightI m not even going to tell you what it s about that s for me to know and you to find out but you re missing out is what you are if you haven t read these booksShirley s depiction of life in 1958 was so vivid so on my mind I have thought about my dad Ray Bradbury and Jake Epping throughout this entire read And when I finally finished the book last night and turned off the lights I had this sudden vision of my father as a skinny teenager walking home from school after basketball practiceIt was weird I was not asleep I was not summoning any particular image My eyes were closed and I was listening to the dogs shuffling in protest in their crates but in my mind I could suddenly see my dad in his sweaty gym clothes walking home uietly whistling feet crunching lightly in the dirt It was 1958 he was 15 and he was ridiculously happy I watched him this way for uite some time then I sat up in bed and cried and cried at the sight of himI swear Shirley You re some kind of witch for sure

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Shirley Jackson ´ 8 Free read Free read Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Shirley Jackson The Sundial Free read å 108 Athers at the crumbling old mansion for a funeral she wanders off to the secret garden But when she reports the vision she had there th. WHEN SHALL WE LIVE IF NOT NOWShirley Jackson is a wonderfully weird sister a witchy woman with wicked powers and wry sense of humour The Sundial a lesser known precursor to The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle is a nasty indulgence well worth reading It features many characters none of them particularly sympathetic who find themselves in the Halloran Mansion and who are convinced the end of the world is imminent Believing they will be safe if they stay in the ostentatious house they become preppers for a 1950s apocalypseThere s so much here that appeals The first thing that comes to mind is the dialogue People don t talk to each other in this book they snipe The clever sniping dialogue is worthy of an Oscar Wilde play The characters also never listen to one another They are all so completely self involved they simply posture themselves as best serves their own preservation They do not gain wisdom they just dig deeper and deeper into their own obsessions and kookiness It s absolutely entertaining to see this happenShirley Jackson is ueen of gothic and this book strikes me as perhaps the most gothic of her work that I ve read so far The Sundial is an heirloom necklace strung with one beautiful gothic bauble after the next The novel opens after the death of the man of the house pushed down the stairs by his own mother who stands to inherit Then a mysterious portent of doom delivered by a ghost A terrifying overgrown garden maze that spells the name of a dead woman A creeptastic child who fantasizes about the death of her grandmother An evil and blinding fog that has a woman laughing and crying madly as she gropes around An insane invalid Spying servants that hang on in the background Book burning Murder And the house the huge looming house that is the most dominant character of allThose who have read Jackson s later and famous novels will see seeds of inspiration here One subplot features a haunted house that draws tourists because of a grisly family murder committed by a teenage girl need I say But you ll stay in these pages for the story of The Sundial for the sheer fascination of it For the way these characters luxuriate in their idiocy and emptiness For the impending doom For the intoxicating cackles of the pen wielding witch who wrote thisAnd for the answer to the uestion if it s the end of the world will this group of unlikable people really inherit the earthThe sight of one s own heart is degrading people are not meant to look inward that s why they ve been given bodies to hide their souls4 stars only because I still prefer her Castle which is one of my very favourite books

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Shirley Jackson ´ 8 Free read Free read Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Shirley Jackson The Sundial Free read å 108 E family is engulfed in fear violence and madness For Aunt Fanny's long dead father has given her the precise date of the final catacly. The sight of one s own heart is degrading people are not meant to look inward that s why they ve been given bodies to hide their souls 35 stars While the charmingly odd dialogue and eerie atmosphere were uite a bit intriguing than the actual plot you can never go too far wrong with Shirley Jackson

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