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Life among the Savages Summary å 8 Sband who remains lovingly oblivious to the many thousands of things mothers and wives accomplish every single d. OUR HOUSE is old and noisy and full When we moved into it we had two children and about five thousand books I expect that when we finally overflow and move out again we will have perhaps twenty children and easily half a million books On Naming of namesIt was when Jannie was very nearly five that the uestion of her name became desperately important When she was born her father wanted to name her Jean and I wanted to name her Anne and we compromised upon an arbitrary Joanne although I freuently call her Anne and her father very often calls her Jean Her brother calls her Honey Sis and Dopey Sally calls her Nannie and she calls herself variously Jean Jane Anne Linda Barbara Estelle Josephine Geraldine Sarah Sally Laura Margaret Marilyn Susan and imposingly Mrs Ellenoy The second Mrs EllenoyThe former Mrs Ellenoy I have this straight from my daughter was a lovely woman mother of seven daughters all named Martha and she and Mr Ellenoy used to be very angry with one another until one day they grew so very angry that they up and killed each other with swords As a result my daughter is the new Mrs Ellenoy and has inherited all the Marthas as stepdaughters When she is not named Jean Linda Barbara Sally and so on but is being Mrs Ellenoy her daughters are allowed to assume these names so that there is a constant bewildering shifting of names among them and it is sometimes very difficult to remember whether you are addressing Janey Ellenoy or a small girl with seven daughters named MarthaI know what they all look like of course The dog has four feet and is far larger than the cats who operate as a two part unit anyway The boy is dirty and wears a disgraceful pair of blue jeans The father looks worried and a little bit overwhelmedThe older daughter is larger than the younger daughter although there is an uncanny shifting of identity there since the smaller wears the clothes the larger wore a short while before and they both have blond curls and blue eyes But as to trying to remember for instance which two out of three have already had chicken pox and which one was innoculated for whooping cough and whether any given one of them got all three prescribed injections or one of them got nine and worst which of the Ellenoy girls got spanked for breaking Laurence s six shooter and who told on her I go all to pieces A new family member arrives from the hospitalSally finally said What is it It s a baby said their father with an edge of nervousness to his voice it s a baby boy and its name is Barry What s a baby Sally asked me It s pretty small Laurie said doubtfully Is that the best you could get I tried to get another a bigger one I said with irritation but the doctor said this was the only one left My goodness said Jannie what are we going to do with that Life among the Savages refers to the author s family who act with strange overly civilized behavior This makes for a very funny taleEnjoy

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Life among the Savages Summary å 8 Tart furnaces that break down a pugnacious corner bully household help that never stays and a patient capable hu. This is an hilarious autobiographical account of Shirley Jackson and her husband raising 2 then 3 then 4 children in a small Vermont town I listened to the audio version narrated by Lesa Lockford and I thought she was excellentThis has to be the funniest audiobook I ve ever heard It consists of vignettes regarding daily life such as a bus trip to the store for school clothes with 3 children a doll carriage a doll etc or a game of musical chairs except it involves a sick household and beds instead of chairs Somehow Shirley threads all of these short stories into a narrative that I think most mothers will relate to even though it took place in the 1940 s written in the 50 sIt s difficult to believe that this is the same author of some of my favorite books The Haunting of Hill House because the tone and style is so different What is the same is the master level of story telling landing you right in the house among the savages 4 stars for the story 1 additional star for the wonderful narration Highly recommendedYou can buy your copy here

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Life among the Savages Summary å 8 This is a memoir of Shirley Jackson's family's life in rural Vermont Children who won't behave cars that won't s. If I could adopt a parent it would be Shirley Jackson She was a master of horror She hated housework but always had time to whip up a big vat of chocolate pudding She smoked like a chimney and according to her youngest son who became a nutritionist consumed a pound of butter a day She was married to a brilliant man but managed to keep his gargantuan ego in check with her razor sharp wit She was a crazy cat lady and amateur witch In other words she is the mom I always wanted LIFE AMONG THE SAVAGES is among her greatest work It s an account of her life as a mom and housewife Nobody can evoke the chaos of a houseful of kids like Jackson The fact that she managed to write so many great books and stories while raising 4 kids and an immature husband to boot is utterly staggering No wonder the poor woman died at 49 It was probably the first chance she had to rest in ages