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Characters Saving Daisy Phil Earle Ñ 0 Review Review ☆ Saving Daisy 100 He most authoritative honest and moving account of children trapped in the care system to date' Keith Gray Scotsman 'life affirming redemptive and really just rather good' Marcus Sedgwick Guardian'Moving and powerful I loved it' Sophie McKenzie 'Being Billy was a total page turner authentic and gritty Billy's voice doesn't falter spiky brave and compassionate Jenny Downham Absolutely astonishing read Maybe because I m at that right age to appreciate Daisy s turmoil I felt like I connected with her however I have never been through anything that Daisy has been through I love books like this especially because my passion is working with children and families One day I d like to be like Ade Although I have never personally experienced what Daisy has I have known people with certain similar traits or who have experienced some of what Daisy has Phil Earle has an absolute talent for writing from the point of view of a very emotionally damaged teenage girl Saving Daisy is a superb book and I would highly recommend it to everyone

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Characters Saving Daisy Phil Earle Ñ 0 Review Review ☆ Saving Daisy 100 Saving Daisy is the second critically novel by Phil EarleHEROIC Phil Earle's hugely anticipated third novel is out on 24 April 2013Daisy's mum is gone Her dad refuses to talk about it As far as Daisy's concerned it's all her fault As her life starts to spiral out of control panic leads to tragedy and Daisy's left aloneBut sometimes the kindness of a stranger can turn thing The first thing that I m going to say about this book is simply Wow I didn t know much about this book when I picked it up only that I liked Daisy s character in Being Billy Earle s debut novel I could see a lot of potential and depth in Daisy from her appearance in Being Billy and this book certainly reached and topped that potential This is a sort of preuel to that though it is a standalone and so it s not necessary to read Being Billy before you pick this one upIt is very clear from the start that Earle has had experience in the children s care sector of work He has worked as a carer in a children s home and also in a therapeutic community His experience allows him to portray an extremely raw and realistic tale of a very troubled girl Daisy Although she is only fourteen for the most part of the book she is very developed in her complex thoughts and feelings even if they aren t positive ones For this reason I think this book would appeal to adults as well as older teenagers The setting for this story is mostly in Bellfield a therapeutic community and a very frank good representation of life there is given A lot of different mental health care aspects are explored from fitting in with others medication side effects the positive affect of charities and the need for trust with any therapistsThe general atmosphere for our protagonist is set straight away From the beginning the novel is full of mystery and intrigue It is clear from the first lines that Daisy is not just a two dimensional character but much complex I was drawn to her and wanted to know We get to see the reasoning behind some of her thoughts uite early in on the book though there is certainly a lot to learn about Daisy and the people she meets throughout My attention was completely captured by her mental health issues Earle deals with emotional and behavioural issues such as self harm in an experienced tactful manner He shows how methodical it is for Daisy and gives the reader a real idea of what it is like for someone who self injures Daisy has a huge weight burdening her and she has done for all of her life I often felt as though I was sharing this weight with her and at a lot of points it was very difficult to read Daisy has a lot of important relationships with her father and with Ade her key worker in particular I loved Ade she was so connected to Daisy so caring and managed to put me at ease there was definitely an air of confidence and security about her Naomi and the several other characters she meets whilst in the therapeutic community also play important roles in her life Everyone who is introduced has a uniue personality and it was fantastic to read a book in which people with mental health issues weren t stereotypical There are several twists and turns in this book which made it compulsive reading though I often did have to put it down as some of the subject matter was very difficult emotionally to read about There are an abundance of subjects tackled from student teacher relationships self harm friendships and differences grieving love and loss Different coping methods are explored as are the difference in our thought processes The action and change in this novel is almost non stop which makes it a real page turner I think that Earle does manage to despite all the difficulties give us a real sense of hope This is a very touching sad but inspiring story that I m very thankful that I read I can t wait to see what Phil Earle has to offer us next

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Characters Saving Daisy Phil Earle Ñ 0 Review Review ☆ Saving Daisy 100 S around A stranger who desperately wants to save Daisy if she'll only let herself be saved A powerful and moving story linked to Phil Earle's critically acclaimed debut book Being BillyPraise for Being Billy'A wonderful book' Morris Gleitzman'Phil Earle writes starkly but sensitively in this brilliant page turning novel It moved me to tears' Jacueline Wilson'This may be t Argh This is one of those books One of those impossibly difficult to review yet utterly brilliant books which I absolutely loved Just thinking about reading Saving Daisy makes my heart ache a little So I m going to try and review it But in case I just ramble on incoherently my basic advice to everyone is just read this bookFrom the prologue we knew something would happen to Daisy s dad I wasn t expecting to be uite as affected as I was not because it related to anything that s happened to me but because it crystallised almost every fear I have for my family at one time or another What made it worse for me was that I could really relate to Daisy s relationship with her father particularly when it came to their afternoon tea bickies and a movie ritual Daisy wasn t perfect and that s what makes her such a wonderful character She made me angry and frustrated at times But she also made me smile worry and hope for her future Earle is one of my favourite authors because he creates characters which are so damn real it s almost unbelievableIn both Being Billy and Saving Daisy Earle writes with an unflinching honesty which left me raw with emotion He doesn t shy away from thoroughly uncomfortable topics like grief anxiety anger and self harm Yet it doesn t feel like a contrived issues book for teenagers No in this Daisy s story just is I finished the book feeling hopeful for Daisy s future but it was by no means a happy ending or compensation for the enormous trauma she suffered It s clear Earle s own experience as a care worker in a home like that in Saving Daisy played a huge part in making this feel so incredibly realIt s hard to describe just how beautiful and heartbreaking Saving Daisy is Earle is undeniably one of Britain s best contemporary young adult writers and this is a must read for fans of the genre This review and many can be found at The Unfinished Bookshelf

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