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Lord of the Abyss Free read Î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Once upon a timethe Blood Sorcerer vanuished the kingdom of Elden To save their children the ueen scattered them to safety and the king filled them with vengeance Only a magical timepiece connects the four royal hei I was very reluctant to start Lord of the Abyss to be perfectly honest I was simply tired of the disappointment frustration and rage that I felt during the whole experience of reading the Royal House of Shadows series I absolutely hated the first book and disliked the second one And after skimming the first ten pages of the third book I got bored out of my wits and shelved it I was at the point of giving up on the series altogether when I remembered my friend Erika s praise for this book and because her suggestions have never failed me before I decided to give it a shotAnd boy was I glad to have given this a try I absolutely loved it This was my first Nalini Singh and her writing suits me perfectly succinct without being overly simple impactful without overdoing things I am definitely going to read of her works because she is absolutely fantastic Granted there wasn t really much in the way of character development but it suited me fine I loved Prince Micah and Lily the way they were Okay so Prince Micah was spoiled and a tad selfish but he was also very sweet He was of a child really than a selfish asshole The difference here is that whereas a child may act selfishly at times it s normally because he doesn t know any better there are no ill intentions On the other hand an asshole acts selfishly despite being aware of his actions You see Micah was only five when he was cursed and he remained a child inside He was actually very adorablePlus he prioritised Lily s welfare above everything else He wouldn t hurt Lily Even when he was very angry with her he wouldn t hurt her Maybe he d growl at her a little but she seemed not to mind that very muchHe also loved her despite her ugly appearance seeing her true beauty within Sure he was over confident but if you analyse their relationship closely you d understand that he was confident for the both of them Lily needed him to be like that If it were up to her they would never have gotten together She was too insecure which was understandable given the circumstances to have let their relationship progress further Thinking herself unworthy of happiness she would never have had the courage to reach for the love she so clearly deserved There s no doubt in my mind that Micah and Lily deserved each otherOverall this was amazing It was definitely worth the pain I had to go through reading about Nicolai and Breena

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Lord of the Abyss Free read Î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Rs Now they must return and save Eldenand time is running outAs the dark Lord who condemns souls to damnation in the Abyss Micah is nothing but a feared monster He has no idea he is the last heir of Elden Only one w 45 starsYou know what I figured out recently that I label a lot of really good books 45 stars meaning it was great but I have some issues with them Sorry irrelevant here moving onBefore starting I should mention that I have read only the first book in the series the one written by Gena Showalter and found it to be just ok but this one wasincredible It was sweet and in many ways light and I really loved the charactersStory goes like this Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a princess whose father was the evil king of the realmWell not exactly a princess but you get my drift Liliana has had the misfortune of being the daughter of the Blood Sorcerer who has treated her cruelly She has known only the tiniest bit of kindness but she is determined not to be like her father She isn t beautiful on the contrary which I actually liked because it s different and it shows in this book she didn t have to be to be lovedOne day the princess decided to escape the dark evil castle and go looking for the long lost Prince of Elden with the hope he will save them allBasically time is running out for everyone If all four siblings who have been lost for decades don t return by the time their magical clocks show midnight Elden will be forever lost The three older siblings have been found and they have married and are ready the only one left is the youngest MicahThe long lost beloved prince has become the lord of The Abyss A man who deals in evil and death He doesn t know he s a prince all he knows is the darknessMicah is hands down my favorite character He s stubborn and arrogant but as Liliana said not corrupted He s never had a childhood so seeing him starting tolaugh and tease and loveall the while growling lol was so amazing and sweet He doesn t care about physical beauty Lilly is beautiful to him because she is brave and she is kind and she is right for himThe princess has found the prince but can she make him remember and make him accept who he really isShe tries with stories she tells like fairy tales Slowly making him see this isn t the only person he has ever been She tries with sweets from his childhood All right those sweets were only so he doesn t throw her in the dungeon but so what And they slowly start feeling The princess and the prince fall in love and they defeat the secrets and the lies for love defeats allI loved the romance part too Here is one scene I loved which shows how sweet and different Micah is and how much he cares and how he has no clue how to handle women Don t cry A snapped orderShe sniffed fought to hold back the tears It had never been difficult before She d learned early on that her father fed on her fear and so she d given him nothing But today the tears kept falling I ll get you another red dress She wiped the backs of her hands over her cheeks at the snarl You will He glared down at her Yes But you must not cry I won t get you any dresses if you cry I don t normally cry You will never do it Well I m afraid I may sometimes she said apologetically Women need to cry Lines formed between his brows How many times in a year Maybe five or six she said thinking about it But really it s usually a very small cry and not in front of anyone Always she d hidden her tears curled up in some dark corner of the castleAt that his scowl grew even darker I will permit you to cry four times a year And you will do it when I am here And the lost prince remembered and together they defeated the dragons and the evil king and the royal family was finally together againI actually thought the scene of the reunion should ve been something I kind of expected after twenty years away from each other and all they ve been throughThere is one other thing that bugged meview spoilerher becoming beautiful I didn t feel it was necessary at all since she accepted herself Micah came to love her and it was justunnecassary IMO too perfect hide spoiler

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Lord of the Abyss Free read Î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Oman knowsthe daughter of his enemy Liliana sees past his impenetrable black armor to the prince inside To help Micah remember she must brave his dark dangerous lair Because they only have until midnight to save Eld 45 flameshttpwwwdemonloversbooksandcoThis book was fantastic Absolutely one of my favorites this year Why not 5 flames you ask One thing this was the last book in the series The Royal House of Shadows and I felt very little closure at the end The book as a stand alone could be a fiver butit isn t a stand aloneBut the parts that wowed me Let me tell you the heroine is the Blood Sorcerer s daughter Liliana She is also very unattractive And you know what by a third of the way in she wasn t so unattractive to me any I began to see her through Micah s eyes Micah oh sweet innocent Micah The best virgin hero I ve ever EVER read He maintains his childlike innocence throughout his horrible life as the Lord of the Abyss He is basically an angel of death to those evil souls who spend their eternity in the Abyss But through it all he carves out his own life and has two friends He is very solitary and has never craved anything the way he finds himself craving this very brave very ugly Liliana But he doesn t just see Liliana s features He sees a woman willing to look him in the eye one who doesn t fear him or who isn t only near him for the danger She is in earnest she is humbling and she is soft in all the right placesLiliana fears what Micah will do once he finds out she is the Blood Sorcerer s daughter no actually she knows what he will do he will hate her for eternity Pain she can handle but she doesn t want Micah s hate Especially not after she s finally earned his trust The epilogue was nice but I wish we d seen interaction between the siblings The action scenes were wonderful the love scenes so so SO sweet and hot and I m running out of adjectives I admit I am new to Nalini Singh s writing as this is only the third of her books I ve read but she has such a seductive style of writing and I can t put her books downThe romance was than I d hoped for It was true it was sweet and it was so lovely After you see Liliana through Micah s eyes you ll love her tooThank you to wwwnetgalleycom for the ARC