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Elskede Poona characters ☆ 7 Karin Fossum ☆ 7 Free read characters ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Karin Fossum Gunder Jomann um pacato solteirão vendedor de máuinas agrícolas parte para a Índia à procura de uma noiva inspirado pelas imagens de lindíssimas mulheres de saris coloridos ue vira num livro Aí conhece Poona a mulher dos seus sonhos casa se com ela e regressa à sua remota aldeia n This Norwegian mystery was a strange little book It held my interest but I wasn t so thrilled with the characters Except for Poona the Indian bride the female characters were not very bright or sane or likeable Marie was okay I guess but she was in a coma for most of the book The police officers were too good to be true And the main character Gunder was the world s sweetest most devoted man living a fantasy until August 20th when his charmed life completely turned upside down I kept waiting for obvious connections that never appeared and at the end the book just sort of stopped with us assuming at least one character is in danger and another is accused of a murder that we don t know if he committed The beauty of mysteries is seeing if you can solve it before the author tells you what happened In this book all speculation is wasted since we ll never really know

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Elskede Poona

Elskede Poona characters ☆ 7 Karin Fossum ☆ 7 Free read characters ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Karin Fossum A fria Noruega onde espera ue Poona se lhe reúna dentro de poucas semanas O desastre de automóvel da irmã impede o de ir esperá la ao aeroporto e o motorista de táxi ue enviara para a trazer regressa sozinho É então ue a aldeia recebe horrorizada a notícia de ue foi encontrado num Fossum takes uite a different approach to the murder mystery genre than we usually see built in a different sensibility Yes there is a murder a brutal murder There is an investigation But the focus here is on the uirks of fate that led the victim to be where she was when she was and on the husband left behind The tale is also about the people in this small Norwegian townvillage what they ve seen what they imagine and why they don t talk the level of secrecy is astonishing It s a fascinating portrayal of all involved Of course there is a mystery but we see tragedy heartbreak and acceptance than anything else I m sure that if I read by this author they won t all get five stars This is just such a different approach to the thing that it left me stunned Spoiler After reading the entire book including the investigation arrest interrogation and I m still not sure who done it And that actually isn t as important as one might think all in all

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Elskede Poona characters ☆ 7 Karin Fossum ☆ 7 Free read characters ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Karin Fossum Prado próximo da casa de Gunder o cadáver ensanguentado de uma mulher indianaNinguém consegue acreditar ue entre a boa gente de Elvestad haja alguém capaz de um crime tão abominável Mas a verdade é ue as boas pessoas são por vezes capazes do pior e ninguém é totalmente inocente 45 stars This is my first book by this author and I loved it I like a lot of Scandinavian mysteriespsychological thrillers and this is no exception There is a lot of ambiguity almost as though there is than one truth I look forward to my next one by this author

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