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Temps et Récit

REVIEW Ò Temps et Récit Icoeur proposes a theoretical model of this circle using Augustine's theory of time and Aristotle's theory of plot and further develops an original thesis of the mimetic function of narrative He concludes with a comprehensive survey and critiue of modern discussions of historical knowledge understanding and writing from Aron and Mandelbaum in the late 1930s to the work of the Annales sc. While a brilliant work I found the layout of his work troubling Ricoeur is definitely able to tease out minute difference between ideas explicate authors who may not speak directly to one another and relate them to the larger thesis as a whole But I found his structure to be troubling as the work is split into two sections which seem only related via the concepts of time and narrative even if this is a multiple volume work he should outline a better road mapReally these two concepts do not coexist at the same level When he first starts Ricoeur seems to be willing to just talk about time and narrative as general ideas His use of Aristotle and Augustine were uite inspired Like a radio he tuned to the concept of narrative so as to highlight how time was used as an excuse to

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REVIEW Ò Temps et Récit Time and Narrative builds on Paul Ricoeur's earlier analysis in The Rule of Metaphor of semantic innovation at the level of the sentence Ricoeur here examines the creation of meaning at the textual level with narrative rather than metaphor as the ruling concernRicoeur finds a healthy circle between time and narrative time is humanized to the extent that it portrays temporal experience R. I recall the first time that I read a complete book by Hannah Arendt I was on a break from college Reading Between Past and Future I was awed And often overawed I felt that I gained insights from her only in glimpses reading by lightning flashes moments of insight followed by darkness and confusion With time that is with multiple readings of her works I gained some comprehension of what she intended to convey When a reader confronts a dense challenging text if you can see lightning bolts of insight those sentences or even phrases that we feel compelled to highlight or about which we utter a silent yes then you can feel confident that what you re reading isn t gibberish or pretentious baloney The challenge comes from stretching your mind not from poor writi

FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Paul Ricœur

REVIEW Ò Temps et Récit Hool and that of Anglophone philosophers of history of the 1960s and 1970sThis work in my view puts the whole problem of narrative not to mention philosophy of history on a new and higher plane of discussion Hayden White History and Theory Superb A fine point of entrance into the work of one of the eminent thinkers of the present intellectual age Joseph R Gusfield Contemporary Sociology. Ricoeur s organization can be frustrating between summarizing others arguments and stating what he will cover in future chapterspartsvolumes it can be easy to lose what Ricoeur is doing currently But if you re willing to be a bit patient and remind yourself of what he said he would be arguing this volume is both largely compelling and highly useful in its generous enveloping of other writers

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